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Projektron BCS 7.32

With the new version 7.32 of the project management software Projektron BCS, planning ahead is easier than ever before: The workload for all members can be displayed and dynamically customized in the schedule. Project managers can immediately see if there will be shortages in planning or if everything will be in order. Additionally: Evaluations via tickets can be viewed in the new Ticket Evaluations view on freely configurable boards.

  • In the view settings, optionally choose to add the resource load view for your team members
  • Workflow steps can be created through the New button, as usual
  • The boards in the Ticket Evaluation view can be configured as desired
  • In the project overview, the earned value tachometer shows the project progress based on the selected progress calculation
  • Comfortably define which parameters of your business trip you also wish to copy
  • With the new menu, you move through multi-page lists even more easily

Combination of Gantt chart and resource load

Dynamic resource-based scheduling

Time planning and scheduling are integral parts of careful project planning. In Projektron BCS 7.32, information on the workload of the scheduled employees is also available in the schedule. This enables you to see all relevant information for realistic planning at a glance.

The scheduled employees' overall loads during the selected period running are displayed in separate lines below the project structure elements. Color highlights show the type of efforts displayed. Work overloads are marked red, efforts from different projects or other absences are marked gray and efforts of the current project are marked green. If an employee is scheduled for multiple tasks, the resource load displays the same information for all elements.

A tooltip provides detailed information on the workload. You call up the resource load of the respective employee in a new window by clicking on the line and thereby receive detailed evaluations.

If you make changes to the schedule, the workload is dynamically adjusted to these changes – in editing mode as well as in display mode. This means there is no need for you to temporarily save changes, but can always refine your planning based on current workload information.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Workflows and checklists on tickets

Quality assurance for work on tickets

Workflows and checklists assist with complying with standardized processing procedures for tasks and ensuring quality standards in Projektron BCS. In Projektron BCS 7.32, these practical assistants are also available on tickets. Already existing workflows and checklists can be linked to a ticket in no time. Alternatively, you can create as many workflow steps or checklist entries as desired directly on the ticket and process them as usual. This way you ensure process-compliant processing of tasks in your project even when using tickets.

Particularly convenient: You can also create and reuse templates for workflows and checklists on tickets. Templates with an “active” status can be used for one or more tickets at the same time in the object menu of a ticket or in the action menu in the ticket list. Configurations also allow you to determine that certain templates are automatically used under certain conditions.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Dynamic board view for ticket evaluations

Evaluation on demand

When using the ticket system of Projektron BCS, you can now display evaluations across many different dimensions. The new dynamic board view shows you numerous charts on ticket evaluations.

As usual, define which evaluations are of interest to you and keep an overview of your current or closed tickets. This allows a simple reading of how high the effort on tickets is per period running, which can be filtered by ticket type or billability.

All charts can also be saved as scalable SVG graphics and thus be used again for further applications.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Project overview: Progress calculation of earned value analysis can be selected

Project success at a glance

The earned value analysis aids you in estimating project costs and project deadlines even more precisely. The project progress is used to evaluate the plan fulfillment and deduce a forecast for the further project progression.

All forecast methods such as optimistic, pessimistic or realistic are supported by Projektron BCS. You chose which method is used to calculate the project progress, for example based on material costs and time bookings or based on calculation rules 0/100, 20/80 and 50/50.

In the project overview, a tachometer shows you how your project progress is evaluated based on the progress calculation you chose for your project. Alternatively, you can always change your default setting manually, which allows you to keep an eye on your project success.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Copying expenses

Finishing work early

Do you go on business trips quite often and account for your expenses on Projektron BCS? These business trips are often similar, and you would like to avoid entering the same information over and over? In Projektron BCS 7.32, business trips can be copied quickly and easily or added to favorites.

When copying a business trip, it is always copied to a newly selected starting date. Here you can decide whether certain parameters such as overnight stays or kilometers traveled should also be copied. After copying, the wizard for your business trip opens up where you can make further adjustments.

You will also find your business trip favorites in the presettings, allowing you to conveniently find the business trip you wish to copy.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Improvements to the user interface and usability

Scrolling through lists more quickly, customizing tables more easily, applying changes to views more comfortably

Version 7.32 of Projektron BCS also includes customizations to the interface and controls in order to improve user-friendliness.

The new design and improved functionality allow you to scroll through multi-page lists more quickly and customize them as needed. Using a new menu at the end of the list, you can jump to the desired page, easily change the length of the list and receive output links for exporting data.

You can also customize tables more easily and thus gain faster access to necessary information. Right-clicking on the column title in the header opens a context menu, which allows you to search for the desired columns, hide or display multiple columns at a time and automatically define the column width. These customizations can be made in all list and tree views with columns.

Also new: When changing the view settings, for example when applying filter settings in the ticket comment history, the view stays in place without jumping to the page header. This means you remain in the same place in views and keep an overview even of extensive tables and lists.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

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