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Projektron BCS 23.2

Making complex things simple: Projektron BCS 23.2 provides project managers and controllers with an interactive sunburst diagram for task evaluation. This makes it possible to track the technical progress of projects clearly and multidimensionally and to evaluate them according to various key figures. The drag-and-drop functionality in the Navigator has been expanded and now allows not only moving but also copying work breakdown structure elements. Since BCS is highly customizable in almost all views, there are also a lot of view settings. These are easier to activate or deactivate for all users with the new version. The new appointment type "Working from home" now lets BCS users immediately see which employee is present and which can be reached in the home office.

Interactive sunburst diagram for task evaluation

If projects in your organization consist of a large number of tasks, it is not always easy to record the technical progress of the tasks over the entire project at a glance. In order to be able to record the project progress in several dimensions simultaneously and clearly and to evaluate it with regard to different key figures, BCS 23.2 provides a task sunburst diagram as an interactive graphic with corresponding grouping options.

The new view will be available to you at the project root as well as at all other grouping elements of the WBS structure (group, project group, project, subproject, work package). The interactive diagram allows you to intuitively perform complex and multidimensional effort and cost evaluations.

This function is also available for BCS.start.

Drag-and-drop copy function in the navigator

For organizing the work breakdown structure, the project tree in the Navigator is very popular among project administrators and project managers. Up to now, the drag-and-drop functionality has allowed structures to be moved quickly and easily. However, those who not only want to move work breakdown structure elements, but also copy them, benefit from an innovation in BCS version 23.2.

Since there are use cases for drag-and-drop within the navigator, from the navigator and into the navigator for both moving and copying, both actions are now possible. For example, you can now drag a well-structured subproject from the Navigator into a work breakdown structure that is currently being edited, thereby copying it.

This function is also available for BCS.start.

"Working from Home" as a new type of appointment

Homeoffice has come to stay. Therefore, there is now also a new appointment type "Working from Home" in Projektron BCS. On the person thumbnail icon, an entered home office appointment is displayed as a green marker in the form of a little house, so that all employees can already see which team members are absent when viewing the internal tree.

The tooltip that appears when hovering over the name of the respective team member also displays an entered home office appointment with an indication of the duration (from-to). Not only in the calendar and in the internal tree, but also in workspaces where larger person icons are used, a marking takes place - analogous to illness or vacation appointments.

This function is not available for BCS.start.

Checking and unchecking all options in view settings

Almost all views in Projektron BCS have a menu for view settings that can be displayed via the settings menu. Using this menu, you can customize the view to suit your needs, for example, to display only certain objects, show or hide additional information or columns. An option is activated when a check is placed in the respective checkbox. 

However, for some views BCS offer so many possible columns/blocks/attributes in the view settings that it is laborious to enable or disable all of them individually. As of BCS 23.2, it is now possible to activate or deactivate all options within a section simultaneously with one click. This saves almost every BCS user numerous separate clicks and thus time.

This function is available in BCS.start.

Other selected functions of the 23.2

Usability & Performance

  • Display of resubmissions in "My area" and daily postings accelerated
  • Display of dependencies in Gantt chart optimized
  • Column and row highlighting on mouseover in the resource utilization matrix
  • Action menus more clearly arranged
  • Assign several participants to a common appointment more easily
  • Ticket creation on the Kanban-Board even more intuitive via new dialog window

Multi-project management and controlling

  • Scaling of currency and effort values in the project overview now adjustable (standard/dynamic, unscaled, in thousands or in millions)
  • Time roadmap in the Gantt chart: all dependencies between milestones of all projects of a program can be displayed graphically
  • Progress indicators revised: New column groups, labels and indicators

Deployment planning

  • Interruption periods can be defined in the deployment plan
  • Sum line added to see total scheduled time

In addition

  • Microsoft Teams connection: Generate Microsoft Teams meeting appointments directly from appointments in BCS (only available with active appointment sync)
  • Rights: Sales person can assign "customer" and "project manager" to the project
  • Effort planning: Assigned function of an employee to a task can be displayed in the workload forecast
  • Expense management: New attributes "Company code and MA company code at expense objects

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.


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