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Projektron BCS 7.20

The new version 7.20 of Projektron BCS offers bi-directional synchronization with JIRA, GPM-compliant PSP codes and many usability improvements.

Bi-directional synchronization with JIRA

Up-to-date in both systems

Data from the JIRA issue tracking system can be conveniently integrated, evaluated and invoiced in your Projektron BCS projects.

Whether in Projektron BCS or in the JIRA issue tracking system: your data is up-to-date in both systems through the improved Projektron BCS interface to JIRA. Because: instead of one-directional, you can synchronize bi-directionally as of Projektron BCS 7.20 between:

  • JIRA issues and Projektron BCS tickets,
  • JIRA work logs and Projektron BCS time recording,
  • JIRA estimates and Projektron BSC resource management.

A new version of the JIRA plug-in Projektron BCS connector is also part of the extended JIRA interface. Together with Projektron BCS 7.20 and the appropriate web service, the JIRA plug-in enables both administrators as well as project managers to map entire projects with few clicks.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Hierarchical project work breakdown structure plan code (WBS code)

GPM-compliant structuring

Subprojects, work packages, tasks and milestones can be identified distinctly in the project with the WBS code. As of version 7.20, you can work with hierarchical WBS codes in Projektron BCS.

In accordance with the project structure, Projektron BCS now generates a numerical WBS code, which meets the criteria of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement (GPM).

If you add other project structure elements in your project, for example additional tasks, Projektron BCS calculates the associated WBS code depending on their position in the project. And, if you want to add a prefix to your WBS code, for example your project's short code, this is also possible in Projektron BCS 7.20.

The WBS code can be displayed in important planning views, such as the work breakdown structure, the graphical work breakdown structure or the schedule for your project. The WBS code can also be displayed in the Gantt chart, which was further optimized in Projektron BCS 7.20.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Improved document management

Conveniently insert, move and copy files

You store important documents at the appropriate structure element with the file repository in Projektron BCS. This way, your team can quickly access relevant information, such as, for example, specifications or sketches.

Version 7.20 makes the file repository in Projektron BCS even more efficient. The appropriate target directory of a file can be selected while uploading. Additionally, you can upload up to 10 files at the same time.

If your email correspondence is imported into Projektron BCS, you can also move or copy email attachments to the appropriate file repository with just a few clicks.

Additionally, the file versioning can be flexibly customized in Projektron BCS 7.20: you decide which number a version should start with and whether Projektron BCS customizes the main or subversion when uploading again.

You use the Projektron BCS's external support portal? The new external file repository for tickets in the internal Projektron BCS clearly shows you all files that your customers have uploaded at the related support portal ticket. This allows you to quickly and conveniently view important files and edit your support portal tickets more efficiently.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Usability improvement in the appointment calender

Immediately identify resource conflicts

In Projektron BCS 7.20, you directly see who has no time when creating a new appointment: If you add persons or material resources to an appointment which have other appointments at the same time, Projektron BCS immediately marks these with a red frame. And, if you open an appointment, you immediately see in the master data whether all participants still have time, because Projektron BSC identifies all participants who already have another appointment with a warning triangle.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Conformity review for statutory rest periods

Easily evaluate rest periods

As personnel manager, you can use Projektron BCS 7.20 to check whether your employees observe the statutory rest periods.

Projektron BCS automatically determines the difference between two booked attendances. Using freely adjustable filters, you can directly view which employees have not observed the statutory rest period.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Leave and flextime compensation (FTC) without budget

Easily planned

You want to use FTC dates in your company without creating FTC budgets? This is possible with version 7.20 of Projektron BCS. As personnel manager, you simply indicate in the employee data that the overtime in the working hours account should be used for flextime dates. That way, you save having to maintain two budgets.

If desired, you can additionally plan your leave for the next year without a budget. The review whether enough leave budget is available for your leave only takes place when applying for the leave. After the budget was approved, Projektron BCS displays whether it was exceeded or whether leave is still available.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

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