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Projektron BCS 23.3

The latest version of Projektron BCS, release 23.3, brings exciting improvements that will make your work with appointments, scheduling in meetings and electronic invoicing a real pleasure. The revamped appointment tooltips and calendar views make appointment management easier than ever before, with visual labels for lightning-fast information capture and a modern presentation of appointments in the calendar. But that's not all - the brand new timer in the agenda in presentation mode is a real game changer. It counts down the remaining time for agenda items, warns when time is exceeded and adjusts the planning in real time. And as if that wasn't enough, BCS 23.3 also keeps pace with the latest requirements for electronic invoicing to ensure you have reliable and up-to-date invoicing.

Time under control: timer in the agenda

Our meeting agenda view in presentation mode has not only been given a major visual overhaul, but also has a new feature: the timer. When you start presenting an agenda item in presentation mode, the timer starts counting down the scheduled duration of the agenda item. If you are approaching the time limit when presenting your agenda item, the timer warns you visually and acoustically.

If an agenda item is completed early or late, the expected time for the following agenda items is automatically recalculated and updated. In the personal overview (My area) in the "My agenda items" block, the time is also updated in real time. This means that busy managers can see at a glance when the topics for which their presence is required will actually be discussed in the meeting.

The timer is now also available in the Daily Scrum overview and ensures greater efficiency and better planning.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Making appointments fun: Appointment tooltips, appointments and calendar revised

If you hover over an appointment in the schedule or in the list view, a tooltip appears containing the most important information on the appointment subtype, time, participants, linked task, etc. This tooltip has been fundamentally revised and made clearer. This tooltip has been fundamentally revised and made clearer. Icons instead of label texts ensure that the information is easier to grasp and understand. Clicking on an appointment takes you to the newly designed master data view of the appointment. The graphical representation of appointments in the calendar in the form of tiles has also been revised and now looks much more modern and visually appealing.

The "Upcoming appointments" block in the personal overview ("My area") is no longer a flat list that simply lists upcoming appointments sorted by start date. From BCS 23.3 onwards, subheadings provide a clear structure of the various appointments by day.

These features are also included in BCS.start.

E-Invoicing: Changes for new version valid from 01.02.2024

Our project management software Projektron BCS has supported XInvoice since version 19.3. The Xinvoice standard is of course not static and is constantly evolving to meet new requirements. We keep pace with these developments in order to guarantee you reliable electronic invoicing. We have therefore implemented new rules and mandatory fields in BCS 23.3 as part of the harmonization of Peppol BIS E-Billing 3.0 and XInvoice.

Of course, these adjustments also apply to ZUGFeRD with the XRechnung profile if you do not want to do without a document screen.

This function is not available for BCS.start.

Other selected functions of the 23.3

Usability & Performance

  • Tokens can be transferred to input fields across windows via copy & paste
  • Employees in the home office are marked in planning views
  • Options can be fixed in the view settings
  • Filters are fixed after selection

Project planning

  • Action menu and checkboxes at root level in the Projects workspace
  • Action menu in the Project plan view optimized

In addition

  • Multi-client capability: intra-group billing and invoices: same number range for organizations
  • Customer relationship management: new person subtypes for inactive (external and freelance) employees
  • Rights: copy view settings between BCS servers

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.


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