New Versioning Scheme: BCS is coming of age

From 2018, there will be a new versioning scheme for Projektron BCS. The new scheme is derived from the iterative, agile software development with quarterly releases. The first major release of 2018 will be called Projektron BCS 18.1. Users will recognize how old their version is with a simple glance at the new scheme.

Projektron will introduce a new versioning scheme in 2018. In future, the first number of the version number will designate the year, the second number the quarter of its release. The first major release of 2018 will be called Projektron BCS 18.1.

The change is valid for the successor of the major release 7.44. Wih the previous versioning scheme, it has not been possible to see when the respective version was released. Users can now determine the age of their version at a glance with the new scheme.

The already planned releases will be renamed as follows:

  • BCS 7.46 will become BCS 18.1
  • BCS 7.48 will become BCS 18.2
  • BCS 7.50 will become BCS 18.3
  • ...

"The new versioning scheme should clarify that we are continuing to develop Projektron BCS within the framework of an iterative agile procedure, through which we are able to quickly react to new requirements," explains Maik Dorl, Managing Director and Chief Product Owner at Projektron. The development department has been working according to the Scrum development method since 2009 and four versions with extensive function extensions are released each year.

Users can find the version release dates as usual in the release plan.

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