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Projektron BCS 21.1

With version 21.1 of the project management software Projektron BCS, you can directly adjust remaining efforts in the shift plan thanks to a new editing option - for even more efficient project handling. The new interface between the Outlook client with Office 365 and BCS makes it possible to link an appointment with a task or a ticket in BCS already in Outlook. In addition, the customisable poster print for the Gantt chart offers completely new design options for illustration. 

Edit remaining effort in the deployment plan

As a project manager, it is now even easier and quicker to adjust residual efforts

Many project managers know from their own experience - residual efforts do not always reflect their original planning. In the past, if a project manager wanted to make adjustments to the shift plan, for example, he or she had to change the view in BCS. With the new version 21.1, a new column has been added to the shift plan in which you can directly store the remaining effort of your employees and explanations.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Create appointments in Outlook and link them directly to tasks and tickets in BCS

New interface enables use of BCS and Outlook without changing tools

The latest version of BCS now also allows you to assign tasks, projects or tickets to an appointment directly in Projektron BCS via calendar synchronization with Exchange-Online (O365). This assignment is provided via RSS feeds in Outlook and linked to appointments in Outlook via insert or drag & drop. In this way, it is possible to plan appointments in Outlook and, for example, link the tickets directly in Outlook with appointments in BCS as part of an effort planning with ticket-scheduled tasks, in the same way as calendar synchronization with Exchange OnPremise.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Poster printing for your time-, project- and schedule-plan

Print out, stick on and keep everything in view

With our new version 21.1, you can easily print out your time-, project- and schedule-plan directly from your browser and make it available for all project members to see, for example in the conference room. Poster printing is possible via the download menu and can be customised according to your own requirements. In addition to the print format of A3 or A4, you can select the page orientation, add page numbers and scale down entire pages if required. Currently, poster printing is still an experimental function, but it easily supports plans of up to 12 pages.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

And a lot more!

More functions of the 21.1

  • Ticket queries improved
  • Icons for subviews
  • Fixed table headers in board elements
  • New CK editor
  • More contrasty profile under settings
  • Resource utilisation improved
  • Utilisation mountains for several years
  • OAuth implementation for PingFederate improved
  • Intra-group billing - new billing rate
  • Deadline calculation for contracts
  • New links in stakeholder management
  • XInvoice and ZUGFeRD expanded
  • Master data in BCS better protected
  • and more!

Our customers will find a detailed description of the latest functional innovations as usual in BCS on the help homepage.

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