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Projektron BCS 7.42

Dynamic diagrams

Better visualization for better decisions

In the new version 7.42 of the project management software Projektron BCS, special attention is paid to the visualization of decision-relevant data for portfolio managers, program managers and project managers. In addition to the graphic display of company KPIs, information on the strategic importance of projects and portfolios and data on the progress assessment is structured and comprehensibly prepared in diagrams.

Radar charts (project application)

In the new version, project applications contain a radar chart to illustrate the strategic importance. The inner area contains the selected values of the respective project, the outer area incorporates the weighting of these values.

Earned value analysis diagrams

Where a chart previously showed various evaluation options for the earned value, there are now several diagrams for these options. This allows you to keep an eye on all the important KPIs of the earned value analysis. In the new diagram, you can move the mouse over the lines while the respective KPIs from this tag are shown next to it. Below the diagram, you have the option of restricting the period: Drag the specified period with Drag & Drop and the diagram adjusts itself immediately and increases or decreases the display according to the exact period. If you have selected the period and adjust further attributes, Projektron BCS memorizes this setting. And you can save the diagram in SVG format exactly as it is displayed in the software.

Portfolio diagram

In the improved portfolio diagram, the decision is yours: Specify colors for the quadrants and their frames, define what the axes display and where the key is. Even large portfolios are not a problem: Using the scroll wheel, you can zoom into the high-resolution diagram to view a section and to move this section using Drag & Drop. If you are looking for a specific project, just move the mouse over the name in the key and it will be highlighted in the diagram. Above the chart, you can see the budget for the effort and costs of the portfolio together with the planned values of the individual projects. When you click on a project, it will be hidden in the portfolio and you will see the effect of removing the project on the portfolio budget.

All diagrams are available in reports.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Images in text fields

Visual support for texts

In the new version 7.42 of the project management software, it is now possible to directly include images in the rich text editor. To do this, either go to the menu bar of the editor, insert a copied image from the clipboard or drag an image using Drag & Drop in Projektron BCS.

You can easily position every added image with the mouse and also subsequently change the size. By double-clicking on the image, you can see the image properties and can enter other values. You can also incorporate images in the circulars to be sent via email.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Display of overtime

Working hours at a glance

You can see exactly how much overtime you have worked: From version 7.42 onwards, you can find the new board for overtime in your personal overview. If you use the working hours account, the graphical display shows you your overtime from the previous months, the overtime from the current month as well as your total overtime.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Improved stopwatch functionality

Quick recording of hours

Time recording with the stopwatch was revised in the version 7.42. It will now be consistently offered to all users in the Projektron BCS interface. When starting the stopwatch, a dialog opens in which the start time, duration, current task and description is displayed. To save the booking, a task must be stored; if you are on an open task or an object with a task reference, for example on a ticket, this task is preset in the dialog field. All information can be adjusted and corrected at a later date.

If Projektron BCS is open in several browser tabs at the same time, the stopwatch is activated in each one. The stopwatch can only be deactivated by stopping the booking or rejecting the entire stopwatch. This prevents bookings from being lost, for example by accidentally closing the browser window, logging off or restarting BCS. The duration of the current booking is displayed directly next to the stopwatch symbol.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Circulars in BCS

Newsletters and mailings made easy

Additional functions in the new version Projektron BCS 7.42 offer support with e-mail marketing. The creation of newsletters and other mailings are accelerated by practical functions such as the copying of serial e-mails. It is not only the subject and the text that is copied, the file attachments can also be directly imported. For the design, all possibilities are available – from plain text input to rich text editor and html.

In addition, recipient lists are easier to manage, recipients can be selected and added to other serial e-mails or new emails can be sent to the selected recipients. When sending, select whether a mailing is to be sent again or is to be sent despite an existing suspension. You have the option of storing another e-mail address for the automatically sent receipt. With the help of a configurable cronjob, serial e-mails can now be sent at a scheduled time and date.

Standardization and quality assurance can also be used to create workflows on serial e-mails or to use templates.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

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