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Projektron BCS 21.4

Dark times are dawning for Projektron BCS users as of version 21.4. The dark display mode is now available for BCS and the Projektron WebApp. However, you still have a clear overview: In the new Inventory Management module, you can manage all of your organization's assets centrally and clearly. The topic and agenda planning for meetings and discussions comes up with several new functions.

Dark mode for the BCS display

Not only for friends of the night, but also in terms of accessibility, we wrap BCS in a completely new garb. You can activate the dark mode manually in BCS and in the BCS app. The new default setting causes the BCS display to follow the settings of your operating system. This also allows an automatic change between light and dark display mode depending on the time of day. So as soon as your operating system switches to dark display mode, BCS will also switch to dark mode. If your operating system is in the default setting, BCS will also be displayed in light mode.

The new design is not only easier on the eyes at night, but also saves energy on suitable displays and screens. You can read about the additional advantages of dark mode in the Projektron blog. Dark mode is available for all licenses, including the "Guest internal" license from version 21.4. Just try it out and discover the dark side of BCS!

This function is also included in BCS.start.

New module: Inventory Management

With the new BCS module you manage your assets or inventory in the company. This gives you a central and clear overview of which items you own, who has been using the items since when and until when, where the items are located and what condition the items are in. This does not only cover your IT equipment, but can include any objects, for example also your vehicle fleet, your furniture or your premises.

Inventory objects can be linked to owners, benefits, tickets, contracts or each other. From an asset you can create a linked resource, which you can then assign to appointments and schedule for use. To create assets, you need a Contract Manager license. To view assets, you need a contract reader license. Learn more about inventory and contract management with Projektron BCS here.

This function is not available for BCS.start.

New functions in the agenda

The functions of the agenda planning introduced in version 21.3 have been improved and expanded. Participants and persons responsible can now be seen with their profile picture, even in the edit mode of the topic list. You can now also store profile pictures for groups of people. A plus symbol now makes it very easy to add additional persons responsible for a topic.

To make your meetings even more structured in the future and to record meeting results even more comfortably, BCS offers the presentation mode from version 21.4. In the agenda of an appointment it opens in an overlay and guides you step by step through the agenda. Did one or the other agenda item remain open at the end? If you now copy an appointment, the open agenda items will be copied at the same time. If you plan and organize regular meetings or hold recurring meetings, these new agenda planning features in BCS will save you a lot of time, bring more structure to your planning and make your meetings more efficient.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Other selected features of the 21.4


  • Icon display of priority levels
  • Graphical structure chart allows display of all projects
  • Organigram can be edited manually via drag-and-drop

Ticket system

  • Ticket comments can be edited afterwards
  • Own tickets in list view can be sorted manually via drag-and-drop
  • New view "Ticket evaluation (customer)
  • New board element "Ticket effort per period


  • BCS password vault 
  • More security through authentication via Open ID Connect instead of authorization protocol OAuth 2.0


  • New action right: Create comments on user stories/Scrum items without editing right on the story
  • Action rights for requirements (JRequirement) divided and better adjustable


  • New additional license "Order Management"
  • Guest license split into "internal guest" and "external guest
  • Functional range for license "customer/client" adjusted


  • Invoicing: Article grouping by offer number possible
  • Expense recording: Optimized choice of means of transport according to the employee's country of work
  • Expense planning: New variant of remaining expense adjustment by CronJob
  • Intra-group billing: Billing rates can also be defined for WBS elements (projects, project groups or sub-projects)
  • Survey module: Surveys can be carried out at customers in BCS

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.

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