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Projektron BCS 22.4

Projektron BCS 22.4 provides project managers with a better overview when scheduling effort and processing tasks. The new assignment "Observer" now allows project managers to differentiate more precisely which person should actually be actively involved in the project as an employee and who should only be given viewing rights for certain views as a project observer, for example to be able to track project progress. BCS users who are themselves active in software development and work according to the Scrum framework can expect practical new action menus in 22.4 for planning the capacity and velocity of sprints. More security is provided by a possible configuration for file uploads: users can now define which file types may be uploaded to the file list.

New assignment: Observer

In the BCS standard, there are few assignments (types) for persons. Persons can be assigned directly on a project group or project level in general, or via a person group. Since in many cases an assignment as "PM" (project manager), "PAdmin" (project administrator) or "Sales" is out of the question, the assignment "E" (employee) is often assigned, although the person in question is not an active employee in the project at all and only needs viewing rights for certain views.

So that BCS users no longer have to use the E assignment for this case, there is the new assignment "Observer" (Obv) with 22.4. Users can now differentiate more precisely who is actually actively involved in the project and who should only have view rights. Particularly in the context of larger projects or in the case of larger projects, this new option for a more precise differentiation provides significantly more clarity. The new assignment is a relief especially for task assignment in the map view, as persons with the assignment "observer" are hidden in the standard view.

This function is also available for BCS.start.

Scrum: View "Sprint key figures" receives menu for editing sprint capacity and planned velocity

If you work according to the agile procedure model Scrum, your Scrum Masters receive extended options for editing sprint capacity and planned velocity with BCS 22.4. On project elements (project groups, projects, sub-projects and work packages) there is the view "Sprint key figures". This view gets an action menu for selected rows, which allows you to easily edit three sprint properties:

  • Sprint Capacity
  • Planned Velocity
  • Comment

If you want to change data for several sprint tasks, new filter and selection options will help you. Especially if you work with several Scrum teams that have different capacities, the new menu makes capacity and resource planning much easier.

This function is also available for BCS.start.

Configuration for more security: Restriction of file types during file upload

BCS users can upload files to the file repository on tickets, contacts, project groups, projects, tasks and many other project structure elements to share and collaborate with other people. Currently, files of any file type can be uploaded, which can lead to various security risks:

  • Vulnerabilities in unsecured file parsers could be exploited, e.g. by means of XXE (XML External Entity attack).
  • ZIP bombs, XML bombs
  • SVG files that could lead to XXE.
  • Files that contain JavaScript and may be used to be executed in the context of the browser.

If such files are not needed and not wanted, there was previously no way to prevent uploading.

With BCS 22.4, you can have both an Allow Set and a Deny Set defined and thus determine which file types you want to allow for uploading or which file extensions you want to exclude from uploading. If a user now tries to upload a file he does not want, he receives a meaningful error message informing him which file types are allowed or which are forbidden. This is an individual configuration. By default, all file types are still allowed.

This configuration is also available for BCS.start.

More overview in the project plan: Show unscheduled tasks

As a project manager, it is your task to assign an effort to all tasks in the planned project and to assign employees as agents. However, especially in larger projects, it could happen in the past that the project plan view overlooked the fact that not all tasks had been assigned efforts or staff members. Two main scenarios could occur here:

  • No employee is assigned to the task, but only a placeholder and provided with planned effort.
  • Employees were assigned to the task, but no planned effort was stored.

With BCS 22.4, there is now not only the option "Show only team members with effort" in the standard "Project plan" and "Effort plan" views, but also two new display options:

  • "Show team members: Placeholders only"
  • "Show by effort: Show only team members without planned effort"

This way you identify the tasks that have not been planned correctly so far and can directly target them.

This configuration is available for BCS.start.

Other selected features of the 22.4


  • New view "workload forecast": "resource utilisation" and "workload mountain" combined
  • More sensible default settings in some important views
  • "Options" in view settings better grouped (into project plan, schedule, effort plan, schedule and assignment plan)
  • Global search: former persons appear in search results at the end

Project planning

  • Action "Copy" of basic plans abolished, action "Restore" improved
  • Two new display options in views "Effort plan" and "Project plan": "Show team members: Placeholder only" and "Show team members without plan effort only".

Material cost planning (interval planning)

  • Material cost plan: Possibility to select currency
  • Editing of actual material costs in projects in material cost planning with time reference

In addition

  • Shared mailboxes for mail import via MS Graph
  • BCS monitors improved

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.

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