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Projektron BCS 7.36

The new 7.36 version of the Projektron BCS project management software creates greater transparency in daily and project work and provides user friendly functions for project managers and employees. Thanks to a revised layout, you can record the communication history on tickets faster. The new Scrum board makes teamwork even clearer and in PRINCE2 projects, experiences can now be easily entered and evaluated.

  • The digital Scrum board visualizes the status of your team during Sprint.
  • In the two-column ticket layout, you see the most important data and the current status at a glance.
  • In scheduling, you can clearly see on which appointments your employees are booked.
  • During the dunning run, you see customers who have exceeded a due date and can define further actions such as sending a dunning notice.
  • Copy the documented experiences directly to your PRINCE2 project.

Redesigned ticket communication

Compressed data and clear progress

The layout of tickets was fundamentally revised in version 7.36 of the Projektron BCS project management software. In the new two-column design, all important information regarding the ticket is displayed on the left-hand side; comments on processing and questions are displayed on the right-hand side. Scrolling is possible in both columns independently. This allows the ticket customer and ticket processor to see the most important data and the communication history at a glance.

The ticket information on the left is grouped by sensible content and the groups are arranged from top to bottom. The individual areas can be closed for a compressed view – displaying only the communication history is also possible if you do not need the entire ticket information.

Comments and changes are displayed on the right-hand side and can be filtered as usual, for example for comments that are relevant to the solution. Colored markings make visual differentiation between comments by processors and comments by customers even easier. Internal and external communication can be set apart using user images. Practical: Time lags between the comments are displayed in days. This way you always know at a glance how much time has passed since the last feedback by the customer.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Scrum board and Kanban board

Clearly visualized tasks and processes for agile teams

You want to include your team to a greater extent in agile projects and motivate it? Two board views support agile teams in the new Projektron BCS 7.36 with even greater transparency in their tasks and processes. With the new Scrum board and Kanban board, Projektron BCS offers new visualizations, which show at one glance what still has to be done in order to achieve the project objectives.

Use the digital Scrum board in Scrum projects and move individual activities from the user stories per drag & drop. Depending on which column you move your activities to, for example to Scheduled, Processing or Done, the status of the respective activity changes automatically. Colored markers distinguish which activities belong to which user story. You can adapt the board to your individual way of working with additional filter options and groupings.

Your team members are displayed above the board. Assign processors to activities quickly and simply using drag & drop. If you move a task back to “Scheduled,” assigned processors are removed directly.

The Kanban board is a new configurative subview available on project and task level for tickets; here too various filter options can be used. Display the tickets by customer priority and you see at one glance where urgent help is needed. Use grouping by status to process tickets in compliance with standardized processes.

This function is contained in BCS.start as an option.


Seeing who's available

Whether in internal departments, customer organizations or directly in the project: As of version 7.36, Projektron BCS support you with scheduling for certain person groups over long periods of time. The schedule view shows which employees have appointments in which projects. This makes it easy for you to see which employees are booked and which are available.

In the tooltip, Projektron BCS shows you the detailed information on the appointments. Recognize quickly which appointments take longer and where appointment conflicts exist. Appointments can be created or processed directly in this view. Various filters help get a quick overview.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Dunning runs with Projektron BCS

Map dunning actions for outstanding invoices

In the new 7.36 version of the Projektron BCS project management software, accountants receive an overview of outstanding items in the Dunning Runs view. Here, you see customers who have exceeded their due date at a glance.

Keep an overview over your current dunning runs by defining dunning actions. If you carry out the dunning action “Create written dunning” or “Create last written dunning” on the invoice, a corresponding PDF document is generated automatically and adapted to the status of the invoice.

Furthermore, you can have PDF documents automatically stored to a previously defined folder – from which you can print the collected dunnings and send them.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

PRINCE2 with Projektron BCS

Practical extension for process-oriented project management

Users of the PRINCE2 project management method receive extended functions in Projektron BCS 7.36 through additional support of product-based planning and documentation of experiences. Additional fields were also added to the project application for more depth of detail.

In PRINCE2 projects, you use a product-based scheduling approach. Here, the product breakdown structure gives you freedom in structuring and provides a practical option in tree view that lets you arrange and display your projects precisely in all phases. With just one click you create the product code for the desired elements. The visual display as an organizational chart with a graphic product breakdown structure makes even complex products clear.

You can document experiences you made in a PRINCE2 project in just a few simple steps. Once documented, your experience is available to you at all times for new projects. Experiences can be assigned to various categories such as technology, costs, management and others. Depending on which category you create the experience in, specific fields come up for you to fill out.

In the project application, you can now also provide more specific information on implementation options, which simplifies commissioning of the project.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

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