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Projektron BCS 20.2

The version 20.2 of the Projektron BCS project management software makes it easy to prepare appointments. A new list of projects and tasks provides an overview of the topics to be discussed and these can be added to appointments as agenda items in just a few clicks. In addition, a simple configuration option has been added for creating individual appointment subtypes that map processes.

Restore unsaved text

Never lose another text entry again

The new version 20.2 of the Projektron BCS project management software offers the option of restoring unsaved text. This means that nothing is lost, even if the browser crashes. In edit mode, the last unsaved change is displayed in all rich text fields for restoration. So texts, tables, and images can be retrieved with one click. The cache is deleted by successfully saving or logging out.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Management of topics and creation of agendas on appointments

Prepare appointments and assemble topics with ease

Projektron BCS 20.2 introduces the new Agenda and Protocol module. In this way, topics for briefings or team meetings can be created and compiled as agenda items on individual appointments.

Employees can enter or edit topics in the new Topics view, this is possible for both projects and tasks. The new module also provides the Agenda view on appointments. When planning appointments, the organizer can access the topics of the linked reference and thus include a topic in the concrete agenda for an appointment. Alternatively, it is possible to specify on topics in which appointments they are to be discussed. Based on the status and possibility to log the result on the agenda point, as well as the link between topic and agenda point, it instantly visible what was discussed and when it was discussed.

This function is not included in BCS.start as an option.

Mapping applications as a BPMN process

Business trip or home office applications via BPMN and appointments

Starting with Projektron BCS 20.2, process designers have an easy way of creating new types of schedule subtypes and linking processes to them. Configured new appointment subtypes can also be extended with attributes and alternative value ranges without affecting standard appointment subtypes.

For example, a business trip or home office request configured in this way can receive alternative appointment statuses to control the approval.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

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