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Projektron BCS 6.20

Projektron BCS 6.20 sets new standards – in particular in time recording. Expect further user-friendliness highlights in project management.

Mobile time recording

With the mobile time recording, you can now book your working times on small display screens in a very comfortable way: Whether in the field or on a business trip - if you want to book your working times on your way with your smartphone, Projektron BCS will automatically show you a lean version of the proven time recording. In this, mobile time recording is equipped with the most important booking functions and optimally supports you in quick booking via Blackberry & Co. with its ergonomic mobile design.

Global stop watch

Thanks to the global stop watch, you can quickly and precisely book your working times even without the booking mask. Whether a task, a ticket or a work flow step: Simply open the desired object, click on the global stop watch and time recording starts. After the work is done or in case of interruptions, it is sufficient to only click again and your time is booked. The global stop watch is located on top in the Projektron BCS navigation menu. Like this, you can easily register your working time - regardless of where you currently are in Projektron BCS.

Project-related holiday calendars

With the new planning options, you can more flexibly adjust your projects, sub-projects and project-specific tasks to your team's way of working . Via the project-related holiday calendar, you can determine which holdiays should be considered for which federal state.

Improved overbooking lock

No matter whether time or money is the decisive criterion: With the new options for the order overbooking lock, you can individually choose when Projektron BCS stops bookings for your project.

Improved access to the processing status of tasks

With the optimised project outlay plan, the processing status of the individual tasks in the project are displayed. Thanks to the new function "change processing status", project managers can adjust the status, if necessary. Projektron BCS takes changes into consideration directly in the utilization of resources. With this, the new function ensures more transparency and planning safety.

Improved full text search

Via the full text search that is integrated in Projektron BCS 6.20, you can now easily also browse directories and documents such as offers, invoices and files. The newly added objects are of course also available in the related search filters. The optimised hit list ensures quicker overview. There, you do not only see the path and name of the objects but also the associated excerpts in case of PDF files, Microsoft Office documents and text files. Moreover, the search term is highlighted in colour. Consequently, you can quickly and simply go through the hit list without having to open individual files. This saves more time.

Dynamic input check

Did you type wrong? The dynamic input check helps you: If you enter a wrong date or an invalid numeric value, Projektron BCS 6.20 immediately signalizes this with a red frame around the respective field. Moreover, Projektron BCS directly greys out fields if these do not have to be completed after an input.

Short cuts

With your Projektron BCS bookmarks, you can directly access the most important views. The short cuts can be freely selected, which saves you the mouse click on the desired bookmark in Projektron BCS 6.20. You can even leave out the mouse in case of editable tables because here the simple navigation with the arrow buttons is at your disposal.

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