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Projektron BCS 18.2

The newest version of the Projektron BCS project management software supports calendar synchronization via the cloud-based Office 365. This enables the bidirectional synchronization of individual appointments, recurring appointments and appointments with multiple participants. In addition, project managers who work according to the PRINCE2 method receive support in the form of a graphical product network map that shows hierarchies and relations between products in a clearly structured manner.

  • Die Kalendersynchronisation zwischen Projektron BCS und Office 365.

BCS and Office 365 Synchronization

Appointments always up to date – anytime and anywhere

In the new version 18.2 of the Projektron BCS project management software, the previous appointment synchronization options between Projektron BCS and the Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution are extended by an interface.

Projektron BCS logs in as an authorized app in order to communicate with Office 365. Setting up Projektron BCS as an app is simplified through the use of a shell script.

The calendar synchronization between Projektron BCS and Office 365 can be activated for all users through the use of a tool. All activities are displayed in a new subview for Office 365 as they are in a log. The synchronization status of each appointment is visible in the Projektron BCS appointment calendar. This synchronization is also possible for recurring appointments and appointments with multiple participants.

Calendar synchronization is the first result of comprehensive work on an interface for the Office 365 package. Extensions for this interface are planned for upcoming releases.

This function is included in BCS.start.

Stopwatch for Attendances

Using Projektron BCS as a stopwatch

Do your employees have flexible working hours? As of version 18.2 you can apply the principle of a stopwatch within the Projektron BCS project management software! You can start or stop the stopwatch with just one click and use it for attendance, breaks or individual tasks. The current time is transferred directly to the day booking entry form. However, recording the working hours via the stopwatch is only possible for the current booking day. If you block the processing of bookings in your system, you can instead use this function as an attendance recorder.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

BPMN Diagram: Comments as Tooltips

Support for process managers and users

Processes, regardless of how simple they may seem, should support users with additional information so that the user can complete the assigned tasks without comprehensive process documentation.

As of version 18.2, Projektron BCS provides tooltips in the process diagram for process managers and users who work with the integrated process engine from Activiti. Detailed information on the process steps can now be stored as comments, which users see in the form of tooltips when they hover the mouse over the respective step.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Graphical Network Map for Products

Trace a product’s predecessor and successor at a glance

Users of the PRINCE2 process-oriented project management method appreciate this structured framework for their projects. Projektron BCS is a PRINCE2-certified project management software solution and as of version 18.2 offers an additional function for visualizing the product structure as well as the predecessor-successor relation between products.

The graphical network map provides an overview of contiguous products in which blue arrows symbolize a predecessor-successor relation and gray arrows represent the hierarchy. Own relations are also possible. The hierarchy can be hidden, but can be viewed in detail by clicking the product – this is in particular valuable for displaying the predecessor-successor relation in an even clearer manner.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

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