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Projektron BCS 18.4

Keep an eye on project risks and countermeasures: In the new version 18.4 of the Projektron BCS project management software, risks have been extended with new attributes such as those for strategy and assessment. You can now also store multiple tickets on countermeasures in order to be prepared for all eventualities. Additionally, when you drag tasks in the schedule to an employee using drag & drop, the corresponding remaining effort changes automatically.

  • New attributes on risks assist you in preparing for everything to come.
  • Using drag & drop, you can drag tasks from the navigator to the respective employee in the schedule.
  • See at a glance which employees are currently on leave or absent as per the working hours model.

Extended management of risks and countermeasures

Being prepared for everything to come

In the new version 18.4 of the project management software Projektron BCS, a major focus was on the revision of risks and countermeasures. Strategies can now be stored on risks for every risk so that it can immediately be determined how to proceed when a risk arises. In addition, the status attribute has been extended, so that you as the project manager can specify whether you have already assessed risks or not. Particularly when it comes to superior project groups or company activities, it may be necessary in multi-project management or program management to enter risks, something that is easily done in the new version of Projektron BCS. The new risk category “Information Security Risk” may be beneficial if you use Projektron BCS as an information security management system (ISMS). This has brought with it the extension of the countermeasures. In addition to tasks, you can now also store multiple tickets on a countermeasure, which allows you to always manage the project risks and countermeasures.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Extended scheduling

Quick and easy

The new version 18.4 of Projektron BCS makes it possible for you to assign and correspondingly plan your employees more quickly in the schedule. The revised navigator provides a task scheduling that can be filtered and displays remaining efforts. You can easily move this task to the respective employee on the schedule using drag & drop. An appointment to which this task is linked is created for this employee. The navigator automatically updates itself with the assignment and refreshes the remaining efforts tied to the task. In addition, rolling months or manually selected periods can now also be displayed in the schedule. And if the period is very far in the future, Projektron BCS can also display the individual months beneath one another. This allows you to plan your employees in the schedule quickly and easily.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Improved display of absences

Planning reliability

Do you want to assign employees to tasks or appointments today, but are unsure whether these employees are even available at the moment? With version 18.4 of the Projektron BCS project management software, you can now see whether an employee is absent or not, no matter where the employee is displayed. Illnesses, leaves and FTCs are displayed with the appropriate icon. Further information on absences is provided via the tooltip. Of course, these absences can only be viewed when corresponding permission exist, for example if you are permitted to generally see this appointment or if a differentiation is made between the type of appointment. Other employees cannot see the reason for the absence if the absence has been anonymized in the system.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Support of Java 11 and OpenJDK

Switch now

Java version 11 is supported for the first time in the new version 18.4 of the Projektron BCS project management software and tested against OpenJDK. The currently available support for Java 8 will be terminated in the coming versions of Projektron BCS in order to use new voice functions. Further information on the adaptation of existing installations is available in our Release Notes. We recommend that you switch to Java 11 now.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

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