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Projektron BCS 7.40

The new version 7.40 of the Projektron BCS project management software offers assistance particularly for the project management office. Easily compare project applications and compile individual project portfolios according to different viewpoints. Additionally, you can use the Kanban board for a quick overview of tickets and tasks.

  • Assign tasks in the Kanban board easily via drag & drop according to status and priority.
  • Compare your project portfolios easily in an overview.
  • The project manager sees the checklist for the project closure and can generate reports in the Project Closure Report view.
  • Keep track of project applications via the progress bar and the strategic significance.
  • All projects at a glance
  • Edit the appointment description directly in view mode and insert tables.

Project portfolio

Compile and compare

Keep track of your project portfolios with Projektron BCS 7.40. Create a new portfolio quickly and easily and add the desired projects. A project can be included in multiple portfolios, depending on which focus your portfolio has. Project portfolios assist you in evaluating the projects to be carried out in your company. Additionally, portfolio categories can be used to filter the portfolios as usual.

If you have compiled your portfolios according to different criteria, you can compare them easily in the overview. You can save your cost and effort budgets on the portfolio – this is compared with the costs and efforts in the overview. The colored markings allow you to immediately see which portfolios are below or above budget.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Project closure report

Support from start to finish

The Projektron BCS project management software supports the project manager from the start of the project to its completion. The new Final Report view can be found in the project and the wizard. You can save a template for the checklist for the project closure in the category related to the project. The checklist guides the project manager through the project closure. The project closure report can be generated and supplemented with additional documents.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Comparison of project applications

Progress at a glance

Project applications are used to define the project’s strategic significance for the company. Later, this will aid the portfolio managers when selecting the project applications. The factors for evaluating the strategic significance, such as innovation and efficiency, can be determined globally. If these factors were to change at a later date, the strategic significance can also be calculated subsequently for older project applications.

The project applications can be displayed and filtered by status in the new view of the same name. As a portfolio manager, you see the mandatory projects to be reviewed at the top. You can compare the various project applications based on their strategic significance and decide which projects are to be carried out or rejected. The progress bar shows you to what extent the project application has been processed or whether there are any pending items. You can change the status of a project application directly in the overview.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Kanban board for tasks and tickets

Clear overview and great usability

Projektron BCS 7.40 now offers the option to choose Kanban as the procedure model for projects. The Kanban board is now available to project managers for visualizing tasks in the project and tickets on tasks. Use drag & drop to move tickets or tasks to different statuses and priorities; you can also select one or more team members and add them to the ticket as processors. You can use the settings to define which status you wish to view and to what extent the related information is to be displayed.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Multi-project board

All projects at a glance

The multi-project board provides an overview of all projects in your company. You can see which projects are planned, authorized or pending, and can adjust the status of each project via drag & drop. The color codes in the default view indicate the priority of the project in the company. The multi-project board can also be filtered by project category. For pending projects, you can see the most important KPIs for efforts, costs and profit in reference to the planned values.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Additional improvements to the interface

Inline editing, tables and more

The new 7.40 version of Projektron BCS also features quite a few modifications to the interface. For example, it is now possible to insert tables in the rich text editor. Headers can be defined and column widths adjusted individually. You can also insert tables copied from Office applications.

Lists are automatically loaded in the background of board elements, so that you no longer have to browse between individual pages. Instead, you can now simply scroll down.

Some attributes are also displayed in the mini navigation for a better overview. The day booking entry form, for example, now directly shows you how many efforts are still open and how many you have already booked.

Many attributes in BCS can now also be adjusted in view mode. For example, you can change the status, visibility, title or even the descriptive text on appointments with a single click on the underlined fields.

If you have stored text, Java, CSS or other files in the file repository, you can now edit these files directly in BCS via a dedicated editor. The editor’s features include a syntax highlighter and a syntax check.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

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