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Projektron BCS 19.3

With version 19.3 of the Projektron BCS project management software, the design has been revised. Narrower navigation elements give more space to the content and make tables clearer. The intros also provide a nice overview of the new functions in Projektron BCS. From version 19.3, processes can also be created graphically on the user interface directly in Projektron BCS.

  • The new Projektron BCS user interface
  • The intros show among other things the features of the newest version
  • The created cost estimate can group items according to project phases.
  • In the invoice preview, you see all documents for the XRechnung.
  • Edit BPMN processes easily and graphically directly in Projektron BCS

New user interface

Revamped GUI offers more free space

The Projektron BCS project management software is now airier. Narrower navigation elements give more space to the content, making tables clearer. In the tables, the content now has priority over the design and even column groups can be clearly identified. With a right click on the column header, the columns can easily be shown and hidden - this is also possible for column groups! Diagrams have also been revised and now offer a fresher look.

This function is also included in BCS.start.


Get to know Projektron BCS quickly

With version 19.3, Projektron BCS brings so-called intros with it. Here, new Projektron BCS users can take a intro slideshow to learn more about the software and the most important functions and views. Experienced Projektron BCS users receive a one-time overview of the latest functions of the current version after each update. The intros are saved in a view in Projektron BCS and can be called up again at any time. So you won't miss any new content!

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Extended quotation calculation

Choose the calculation period yourself

Imagine you have a customer project with a very long duration and several different phases and have each phase of it separately commissioned. In Projektron BCS this is possible without any problems! With the extended quotation calculation function, you can group the quotation items: Depending on the effort involved, the individual material costs or the project phase. Of course, only the project-specific phases are displayed. It is also possible to consider only billable elements. So you simply choose the period of the quotation calculation yourself!

This function is not included in BCS.start as an option.

XRechnung support

The new standard format for invoices

Are you affected by the XRechnung? The XRechnung is a new standard for electronic invoices sent to the public administration in Germany. Version 19.3 of the Projektron BCS project management software supports XRechnung. In addition to the actual XRechnung in machine-readable form, an HTML overview is created to check the XRechnung before it is sent.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Graphical BPMN Process Designer

Create processes directly in Projektron BCS

With the new graphical BPMN Process Designer, you can create and edit processes directly in Projektron BCS. In the browser you can create corresponding diagrams and set Projektron BCS-specific parameters. The Designer functions via a graphical interface, where you can compile the process contents using drag & drop. Processes created in this way can be viewed and edited in the editor. The old process files can still be uploaded and executed.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

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