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Projektron BCS 21.2

With Projektron BCS version 21.2, you can easily record working times independently of task efforts thanks to the newly defined license of the attendance recorder. From now on, you can use the BCS app to record trade fair contacts or prospects quickly and easily via QR code scan - even offline. BCS intelligently assigns the contact data to their respective organizations after synchronization. The functional enhancements in the Ticket Board view now allow you to create tickets directly in the Kanban board with one click. Attributes such as the processing status or priority are thus directly defined: convenient and efficient!

New license: Attendance recording

Easily record working hours regardless of task efforts

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled that member states must require employers to set up a system for recording working hours (C-55/18). Projektron BCS supports you in this with a new lean license: the attendance recorder.

This license includes feedback and evaluation of attendances, access to your own calendar and leave management. In addition, the attendance recorder can work with resubmissions and ideas. He can see project structures, groups of persons and organizations only through the "reference".

You are welcome to test this license for 2 weeks free of charge. Just create a ticket on the support server if you are interested.

This function is not included in BCS.start.

Convenient contact data entry via our app

Enter contacts in Projektron BCS via QR code

Trade fair contacts or interested parties can now be entered directly via the BCS app. These are initially stored offline and synchronized to BCS when an internet connection is available. This means that your contact data can be collected quickly and without errors, which is an organizational and time advantage, especially for larger events.

To make collection as convenient as possible, it is also possible to scan QR codes with contact information, such as those found on business cards, and transfer the data directly to the BCS app. Synchronized contacts are intelligently assigned to their associated organizations in BCS. If it is a new contact, it is made available to you under a collective organization. You can also conveniently view and directly move all contacts entered via the app using a new preset in the people list.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Quick ticket creation in the ticket board view

Create tickets directly in the Kanban board

The functions in the Ticket Cards view are being further expanded. The latest innovation allows users to use the clearly arranged Kanban board view of the ticket cards even more actively, comfortably and efficiently. In the view, users can now create a new ticket either via the "New" button or by clicking on a plus symbol directly in the corresponding columns and rows.

The attributes of the respective row and column are taken over without having to enter these details again separately. For example, if you create a ticket in the "New" column with the priority "High", the newly created ticket will already be assigned these attributes and can be further edited and equipped with detailed information in a separate dialog window. Even a query can be formulated directly in this editing view.

This function is also included in BCS.start.

Other selected functions of the 21.2

Work organization & contact management

  • Resubmissions can be created without presetting the recipient.
  • Mails with file attachment: File storage and file sending are now possible in the contact history.

Graphical User Interface

  • Columns in some views were replaced with pictograms and icons.
  • Administration area: customization of views for page, action and report permissions: Irrelevant columns can be hidden.

Project planning and execution

  • Function records of project groups are now automatically drawn in team planning.
  • In effort planning, plan overbooking locks have been adjusted for groups of people or team-planned efforts.
  • A new filter has been implemented in the shift plan.
  • The "Employee/Period" view now also in the weekly interval and at employee level.

Time recording

  • Attendances can now be transferred automatically.
  • Booking closings can now also be defined for an annual and semi-annual cycle.

Contract & Risk Management

  • In the "Contract Cost/Period" view, contracts with current and with non-recurring costs are displayed.
  • In the risk diagram, the legend and the risk list are better aligned.


  • Mail sending and mail import via Microsoft Cloud via MS Graph interface was enabled.
  • Multi-client capability further developed: Vendor credit notes are multi-currency capable, intercompany clearing facilitated.

And much more!

More detailed descriptions of the functions can be found in the release notes and documentation of Projektron BCS.


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