msg global solutions Deutschland GmbH

msg global solutions has been using Projektron BCS since 2013 to manage its projects in over 25 countries, from planning and booking to international invoicing.

Projektron BCS in use

msg global solutions Deutschland GmbH uses Projektron BCS for the following tasks:

  • Project controlling
  • Project planning
  • Invoicing
  • Resource management
  • Expense management
  • Holiday management
  • Time recording
  • Document management
  • Risk Management


msg global solutions is a provider of consulting, implementation and managed services that helps companies improve their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities using SAP technology. With their passion, people and sincere desire to drive operational improvements, they aim to help their clients achieve their performance goals.
As an SAP solution development partner for over 20 years, they bring expert knowledge in accounting, finance, regulatory reporting, performance management, customer experience, and IoT to each of their projects. 



Peter Schürmann
Head of Global Project Management

We use BCS Projektron centrally for over 23 of our own country organizations. What makes it special is that we use consultants from many different countries in almost every one of our large projects, and all planning, resource allocation, time tracking and billing is done in one BCS. We create all customer invoices there in local currencies and manage our own international intercompany billing. Having all countries covered by one central solution is a huge advantage, in addition to the high level of process integration.

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