Well coordinated

With collaboration tools such as resource-relevant calendar, your team closely cooperates in Projektron BCS even over large distances.

Hans-Michael Ochlich

Project Manager with Laservorm

By and large you notice that just 'going into BCS' to get an overview is becoming more and more of a habit, for example by booking individual points for yourself or a colleague as a reminder and then processing them accordingly.

Personal overview

Start off your workday on the right foot

Arrive at the office, boot up your computer and instantly know what tasks you need to face today. Whether they may be appointments, reminders and important tasks for today or pending workflow steps and tickets, your personal overview provides you with a multitude of information which you can show as you wish and arrange using drag & drop.

The personal overview, which is set as the welcome page in Projektron BCS, ensures that you start off your workday on the right foot and that you can manage your day to day work in a relaxed manner. You will be informed by pop-up notifications about calls and appointments, even if you are not working in Projektron BCS at the time.

Also benefit from the instant notifications that inform you directly in the software, for example, if an appointment has been postponed on the current day, or if there is a new ticket comment on a project that you have subscribed to.


Organization made easy

The calendar in Projektron BCS enables you to manage your appointments efficiently and has many other helpful features as well, such as site and project-dependent holiday calendars, appointment series and user-defined appointment categories. Frequent and international travelers also benefit from time zone support.

Are you planning an important project meeting that will be attended by representatives from several different teams? The calendar in Projektron BCS shows you which days and times the participants have free capacities. If any appointment overlaps are detected, the project management software illustrates them graphically.

You can save time by editing your calendar via drag and drop. You can easily move your appointments or change their duration with the mouse.

Interfaces to other calendars


Get even the small things under control

Whether it's about a call to a customer in five weeks, submitting business expense invoices by the end of the week or a briefing with accounting on the 1st of the following month: With Projektron BCS reminders, you can quickly create virtual reminders for even the smallest activities. Projektron BCS then shows exactly when the time comes to complete it. This way you can always clear your mind for the things that currently need to be done. Delegating tasks to others is not a problem either: With the click of a mouse, you can send e-mail notifications to your colleagues so that they are immediately informed with the new reminder.

User messages

Fast communication

You can send simple messages to other users with Projektron BCS. The message can be sent to one or multiple recipients and a context reference, for example a ticket, can also be specified if necessary. You can therefore send a direct message to your project team from the ticket, making the reference immediately visible. Received messages either appear discreetly in the navigation bar as a small number or as a pop-up window, depending on their urgency. In the settings, every user can choose whether they wish to receive such messages or not. All user messages can be managed or deleted in a single clear view

Multilingual user interface

A plus for international teams

Whether it's German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch or Hungarian – the languages available in Projektron BCS create more convenience for international projects. If languages are activated, everyuser can select their preferred language with just a few clicks.

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