Process management (BPMN)

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In Projektron BCS, you control project management processes with software support - using system-controlled workflows and BPMN processes.

Process control and workflows

Projektron BCS offers you two ways to control your project business processes with software support.

With the help of system-controlled workflows, you define individual workflow steps directly in Projektron BCS - including processing sequence, response times and traffic light function - and assign your employees. When it is your turn to work in the workflow, Projektron BCS automatically informs you what needs to be done and how long you have to do it. Once the work is done, the next employee is informed accordingly in his or her personal dashboard in BCS - even by e-mail.

Do you work in teams? Simply assign groups of people to the workflows! Attach as many checklist items as you like to a workflow step when there is something more to do. Optimise your workflow for recurring processes and save the process as a template. At Projektron, system-controlled workflows are indispensable, for example, for recruitment and exhibition processes as well as trade fair organisation.

Process modelling according to BPMN 2.0

Alternatively, Projektron BCS offers you a holistic solution for mapping and implementing BPMN workflows via the "Workflows / BPMN" module. In the integrated, intuitive BPMN Designer, you model the processes according to BPMN 2.0 - the internationally recognised notation standard for business process models. Via the graphical user interface, you define all activities in the process, including the corresponding process forms and assign the persons and groups of persons involved. It is very easy to automatically create or change any BCS objects (for example, appointments, tickets, checklists or resubmissions)from BPMN workflows, which are displayed in your dashboard. If you want, e-mails can also be sent. With the help of gateways, branches can be mapped, whereby a branch is selected based on parameters you define.

Does your purchasing process require additional approval for an amount of €5,000 or more? No problem!

Another typical use case of our customers for this module are complex verification processes of invoices and offers. Also process requests such as holidays, time off in lieu, home office and business trips comfortably with the powerful BPMN editor of BCS.

Once saved, the process models are immediately ready for use and can be started with a mouse click.


David Rosenau

Head of Solution Consulting/SAP Senior Consultant, Mercoline GmbH

"As soon as the graphical interface was available in BCS, we started to actively use the BPMN functionalities. With the onset of the Corona pandemic, when mobile working became a necessity for our team, these functionalities helped us a lot to digitize our workflows and processes. Very quickly, we were able to digitally map our invoice workflow and approval processes in BCS. Paper invoices that arrived in the office could thus be digitized and submitted to various cost center managers for review and approval without them having to be on site."

Raphael Becker

Team Leader Order Management & Billing, AM GmbH

"The onboarding of new employees takes place at our company as a BPMN-driven process in which all relevant departments and positions are involved. In the course of the process, all relevant information is automatically stored directly in the software at the various objects. We can rely on the fact that everything is thought of. New faces are well looked after from their first day at work in our company and find everything they need to arrive."

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