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User report from topometric GmbH

The use of Projektron BCS has united many of our processes under the umbrella of a single tool, and the degree of flexibility offered by customizations within the software has also contributed a great deal. We are very satisfied with BCS and also with the support from Projektron itself in terms of help, update support and special adaptations.

topometric - industrial 3D metrology

Founded in 2001, owner-managed topometric GmbH is one of the leading service centers in the field of industrial 3D measurement technology. With our many years of experience, we are active in all industries and offer our customers a wide range of services and know-how.

This includes, among others, the entire automotive industry, aerospace, tool and die making, the plastics and sheet metal industry and also medical technology. The spectrum includes both optical and tactile 3D metrology, the individual planning and creation of automated, optical robotic measuring cells, industrial computed tomography as well as CAD design including fixture and gauge construction and a complementary product range. 

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced, qualified engineers, we guarantee high-quality and flexible project handling both at our locations in Göppingen and Munich and directly at our customers' sites.

Necessity of project management software

In order to be able to successfully map the above-mentioned project handling in practice, detailed project planning and a fully comprehensive project overview including project progress at any time are required in theory. So it was not surprising that the call for a professional project management software became louder and louder within our company.

This aspect was reinforced by three further factors: 

  1. a general company growth,
  2. the permanently increasing number of projects to be carried out in parallel across all company divisions, and 
  3. the generally increasing project complexity in our working environment.

topometric decides in favor of BCS

After various in-depth researches with regard to a suitable project management software, the first contact with Projektron took place in the second half of 2015. Following the contact, a BCS presentation tailored to our needs took place very quickly in the form of a product demo.

The clear structure and the diverse possibilities within the framework of the project presentation quickly convinced us of BCS. At the same time, it was of great relevance for us to implement a web-based solution in this regard. This way, we can not only use the software across all locations, but we can also access it at the customer's site or from our home office.

How topometric uses BCS

In the meantime, it is hard to imagine our daily work without BCS.  We have not only recorded our company tree with all resources, but also all our customers and suppliers including all contacts relevant for us.

Without exception, topometric employees use the daily booking system, which is the cornerstone for corresponding project transparency. They submit vacation requests and set to-dos for themselves in the form of resubmissions.Via the ticket system, smaller orders (day-to-day business) and projects are recorded and evaluated in the service areas "Tactile" and "Optical".

Larger service projects, as well as automation and CAD projects, are fully pre-planned in theory and then also seamlessly documented throughout the duration of the project. The most important tools for us here are a complete schedule (Gantt chart), maintenance of the material cost plan and internal and external documentation as part of the contact history.

After project planning and time recording had become established in the company, we finally decided in 2020 to also display and process all sales activities, including the preparation of quotations through to invoicing, via BCS from 2021.

Conclusion & Outlook: Integrating BCS into other areas

The use of Projektron BCS has united many of our processes under the umbrella of a single tool, and the level of flexibility offered through customizations within the software has also contributed greatly. We are very satisfied with BCS and also with the support from Projektron itself in terms of help, update support and special adaptations.

In addition to the modules we have used so far, we are currently looking into a possible integration of BCS - in whole or in part - into the areas of asset management, procurement and merchandise management, including the necessary reporting. We are also planning an external support platform for our customers on a ticket basis.

topometric GmbH

Industry: Industrial measurement technology, service
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Author: Kai Hommel, Head of Purchasing (Technical Purchase), topometric GmbH
Status: 02/2022

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