Corporate culture & values

Innovative, responsible, fair

Our success and growth are based on our culture and values, which are brought to life by every single employee. Our corporate culture shapes our working environment and is the decisive factor for Projektron's success.

Our values

Projektron is an owner-managed family business. Our focus is not on maximizing profits, but on healthy growth with organic growth targets. There are no outside investors and no external pressure. We rely on intrinsic motivation, a spirit of innovation and long-term perspectives, far removed from the start-up, hypergrowth and higher-faster-further mentality.

We base our actions internally and externally on the following three values. They form the basis of our entire corporate culture.


Responsible & fair


Our employees are our greatest asset. We value and support each individual by fostering a challenging but balanced working environment that always leaves enough room for a fulfilling private life.




If you stop improving, you have stopped being good. That's why we are always open to change and improvement, be it in our software or in our working environment. We value fresh ideas and are brave enough to explore new things.




We value competition as it promotes our excellence. We rely on a first-class working environment and highly qualified employees to offer our customers the best software solution and advice.

Benefits as individual as each individual

The satisfaction of our employees is our top priority. They are the driving force behind our more than 20 years of success. That's why we offer a wide range of benefits, activities and opportunities. Your well-being and satisfaction are our offer to you - use it according to your own ideas and needs!

Health promotion

Office work is comfortable, but sitting for long periods at VDU workstations can take its toll on the body. Nevertheless, we offer various services to ensure that all employees stay healthy.

Ergonomic workstations: To ensure that you do not remain in an awkward posture at work, our workstations in bright, open spaces are equipped with modern sit-stand desks, balance mats and exercise balls.
Health training: If your eyes get tired, your back hurts or your fingers get stiff, it's high time you took part in our health training. Every two weeks, a qualified yoga instructor performs exercises during working hours to relieve strain on the eyes, arms, shoulders and back.
Shoulder and neck massage: Tension can occur during daily work with a mouse and keyboard. That's why we offer the opportunity to have your shoulders and neck massaged by an experienced masseur for half an hour free of charge during the break.
Joint sporting activities: sport is murder? Hardly! Joint table tennis tournaments or company runs may make us work up a sweat, but afterwards we feel more energetic than ever. Everyone who wants to is welcome and can make suggestions for sporting activities - whether you're a professional or a beginner.
Urban Sports Club: Do you fancy Pilates or would you prefer bouldering? Sports preferences vary, which is why we support membership of the Urban Sports Club. Everyone can train when and how much they want.
Healthy catering: During your lunch break, you have the opportunity to replenish your energy reserves. You can do this in a healthy way with our organic lunch. We offer various types of muesli, nuts and milk in our muesli corners and a fruit basket to satisfy your hunger in between meals. Drinking enough is good for concentration, so we provide water, juices and soft drinks free of charge.
Breaks in the fresh air: Occasionally, a short break outdoors is necessary. In summer, our green planted terraces are ideal for relaxing or for spontaneous outdoor meetings. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you can relax on a lounger on the quiet terrace when the weather is nice.
Resilience training: Mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being. That's why we offer training courses on resilience, where participants have the opportunity to learn about self-care and how to deal with stress.

Family friendliness

Life is unpredictable, and family is an important source of support in difficult times. In such cases, we want to ensure that you can devote yourself fully to your family.

Family Officer: Whether it's about finding the right part-time model, applying for a daycare place or questions about caring for relatives, our Family Officer will be happy to advise and help you at any time.
Paid special leave: For special occasions where the family is the focus, we grant two days of paid special leave, for example for your own wedding or the birth of your own child.
Individual parental leave: Every birth is a joyous occasion. We plan your parental leave and return to work together with you. During parental leave, mothers and fathers and their children are also very welcome at our company parties.
Daycare allowance: Early childhood English lessons or music education? Fröbel, Montessori or Waldorf? With our daycare center subsidy, we ensure that parents' wishes and not financial aspects are decisive when choosing a daycare center.
Parent-child room: Childcare has been canceled? Or Junior just wants to see how work works? Then your child is of course always welcome in the office. In the parent-child room with play and painting materials, at our table football table or the table tennis table, older and younger children can keep themselves busy while mom or dad is still working.
Family-friendly meeting times: To ensure that your children don't have to wait long for you at the daycare center in the afternoon, we don't hold regular meetings after 3 pm.
Continued payment of wages if the child is ill: A sick child requires care. We therefore grant parents up to five paid days off per child per year in addition to the 15 days of unpaid leave provided for by law if your child is ill.
Family Day: It may be interesting for your family to take a look behind the scenes at Projektron and get to know our offices, departments and working atmosphere. That's why we offer a family day once a year, where family members can take part in a tour of Projektron.

Team events and activities

Not only do we enjoy working together, we also enjoy spending time together and having fun. Whether playing table football, games or barbecues - there are many opportunities to get to know colleagues from a different perspective.

Summer party and Christmas party: Sometimes a city rally takes us across Berlin, sometimes we glide through the air in a glider - at the summer party, our employees can expect an exciting new activity every year. In the cold season, we make ourselves comfortable at the Christmas party with food and drink and gnome games.
Barbecues: In the summer months, we invite our employees to our terrace on the 7th floor every two weeks to enjoy a barbecue together. Friends and acquaintances are also welcome. Both meat lovers and vegetarians get their money's worth.
Table tennis tables: Whether in singles, doubles or Chinese - during the break or after work, anyone who enjoys playing table tennis can have a go at our table tennis tables. There are even trophies for the winners' desks at our tournaments.
Foosball table and foosball league: If the next Bundesliga match day is still a few days away, all professional and amateur footballers can put their skills to the test at our foosball table. We even have a well-organized internal foosball league.
Running training and running events: We offer a regular running meeting for running enthusiasts. Together with a professional running coach, we complete running ABC exercises, learn new running techniques and give it our all again in a final run. We organize participation in major running events for our employees, in which we compete as a Projektron team.
Video game room: If you just want to switch off after or during work or want to smash your colleague in the face with a turtle shell, our gamer's den is the ideal place to do so.
Movie nights: Movie buffs also get their money's worth with us. We like to transform our common rooms into a movie theater and watch films together. The choice of movie is of course decided democratically beforehand.
Prediction game: Football championships are always exciting, but it's even more thrilling when you make your own predictions. That's why we organize in-house prediction games for the European and World Cups, where the winners are of course rewarded.
Game night: Sometimes success depends on luck and sometimes on strategy. At our weekly games evenings, game enthusiasts have the opportunity to get to know new challenging card games and board games and find out whether they are more of a team player or a lone warrior.
Christmas crafts: During the Christmas season, we get in the mood with creative events where we usually go home with one or two handmade Christmas gifts. In previous years, for example, we have made our own chocolate at Ritter Sport or painted ceramics together.
Bee project: As part of our bee project, we can harvest delicious honey and learn interesting facts about these fascinating insects at the same time. Since 2021, we have housed two bee colonies on our roof terrace and offer an annual beekeeping course.

So much extra - additional benefits

To clearly show our appreciation of our employees, we offer various additional benefits. Some of these benefits are available to everyone at all times, while others can be arranged individually according to interest.

Occupational pension scheme: We want to ensure that nobody has to worry about their finances all the time, even if they are no longer able to carry out their job. That's why we offer the option of taking out direct pension insurance and occupational disability insurance. The best thing about this is that we contribute 30% of the cost of the insurance.
Bicycle storage & shower room: Not everyone prefers to travel to work by car, bus or train; more and more people prefer to get on their bikes. In our bike cellars, your bike stays dry, safely protected from theft and, depending on the model, electrically charged for the journey home. Right next door you will find a bathroom with showers and fresh towels. Repair and bike washing station.
Company car & bike: If your car is currently in the workshop or your bike needs a general overhaul, you can borrow a company bike or car from us to keep you mobile.
Travel allowance: If you prefer to relax or read on your way to work, Berlin's public transportation system is a good choice. Thanks to the BVG company ticket, you can travel particularly cheaply.
Job bike: Riding to work in an environmentally friendly way or going on long bike rides in your free time - both are more fun with a high-quality bike. With JobRad bicycle leasing, we are happy to support you by allowing you to pay for your dream bike conveniently via your monthly pay slip and benefit from attractive tax advantages.
Bike check: If you haven't managed to take your bike to the workshop again, that's no problem. For the annual bike season, Projektron offers a free bike check directly at our premises.
Free tickets for trade fairs: Our employees have the opportunity to take part in many trade fairs at which we are represented as exhibitors. Whether CeBIT or ILA - thanks to the free tickets, you can admire new technical trends or watch artistic flight maneuvers.
Little surprises: We love to surprise our employees and always find occasions to give them a little treat. Whether it's a birthday or a successfully completed financial year - just let us surprise you.
Health protection: The health of our employees is very important to us. We offer annual flu vaccinations and eye examinations by our company doctor. If the ophthalmologist's examination requires special visual aids for working with VDUs, we will be happy to help you purchase them. In addition, all employees with statutory health insurance benefit from our supplementary dental insurance from day one.

Our culture

Our culture is alive and is lived - by our employees. That is why it is constantly evolving.

Open-door policy and flat hierarchies

For us, an open-door policy means that every employee can turn to anyone at any time in confidence and find a sympathetic ear. This applies in particular to:

Team leader: The team leader is always available for all technical and personal issues.
Personnel: The personnel team is always available for personnel and personal issues. Our HR office deals with issues confidentially and tries to find the best possible solution.
Management: Even though the members of the management team are of course busy running the company, it is very important to them to offer everyone an open door.

Getting things done quickly via the short official channels is something we do every day. Our flat hierarchies make it possible to work independently, take initiative and assume responsibility. This strengthens our innovative power and cooperation. Even our product, Projektron BCS, is developed without hierarchical structures through agile work according to Scrum.

Flexible deployment in teams

We are only strong together, which is why we value working in process-oriented teams. This allows us to make optimum use of our employees' strengths and enables them to discover exciting new fields of activity.

In addition to our departments, we also have many small teams that work across departments. A good example is the Product Development team, in which colleagues from User Consulting and Development work together. Or the university support team, in which HR management, user consulting and marketing are involved.

Open communication and right to a say

No one is just a small cog in the wheel at our company; every employee's voice is heard. Whether in a personal conversation, as a suggestion on the intranet or during the regular appraisal interview. Well-informed employees are a prerequisite for having a say.

What has happened in the company? What decisions have been made and why? Our intranet, our weekly internal newsletter and our regular staff meetings always keep our employees up to date. We use internal surveys to get everyone's opinion in order to make decisions in the interests of our employees. In the past, for example, decisions were made about the furnishing of our offices.

For us, open and honest communication is a basic prerequisite for a trusting relationship. Regardless of whether there is positive or negative information to announce - everyone is kept informed.

Quarterly staff meetings

What does support actually do all the time? And why do we need IT? At our quarterly staff meetings, colleagues from different teams give an insight into their work.

The focus is on increasing transparency. All employees find out what other departments are doing, where the company currently stands, which major customers have been acquired or what the last annual financial statements looked like.

Flexible working conditions

A full working week or more space for private life? You decide!

Everyone organizes their life differently. Everyone sets different priorities. Some want time for their family, others want to devote themselves to a project close to their heart. To ensure that work and personal circumstances do not conflict, we always listen to our employees and offer various working models. We value a healthy work-life balance and are an award-winning, attractive employer thanks to flexible working hours, family-friendly part-time models, paid overtime and fair pay.

Part-time: Whether you work six hours a day or four days a week - together we will find a suitable working time model so that you have enough time to devote to your family or a part-time course of study, for example.
Flexible working hours: Lark or owl? One person is already in the office at 7 a.m., the other prefers to start at 9 a.m. - a brief agreement is all that is needed to ensure that no one's sleep pattern is turned upside down.
Working time account: If it was necessary to stay a little longer, overtime is credited to the working time account and can be paid out later or claimed as time off in lieu.
Mobile working: The child is ill, the tradesman is coming, but you still want to work? Working from home is easy by arrangement. Working from home is also a good solution for returning to work after parental leave.
Sabbatical: If you've been working for a while, you can take a three to twelve-month sabbatical to devote yourself to something you wouldn't otherwise have time for - be it a trip around the world or a project close to your heart.
Workation: Escaping wintry Germany for a few weeks, leaving your vacation budget untouched and attending meetings from the pool of a Spanish finca? No problem thanks to our workation offers.

Equal opportunities

Whether male or female, old or young - our offers are always aimed at all employees. Because we believe that everyone has a right to professional development, a balanced professional and private life and fair pay.

The fact that equal opportunities are important to us is demonstrated by the fact that almost 50 percent of our employees are women. In addition, around 50 percent of our department heads and 55 percent of process and project managers are women.

Our Equal Opportunities Officer can provide our employees with information on equality and equal opportunities and, of course, contribute their own suggestions and ideas.

Process orientation

What needs to be done when a customer reports a problem? What needs to be considered when a training course needs to be organized?

Our work is governed by clear processes that employees can view on the intranet and actively help to shape and improve. Each department has its own area on the intranet where all processes relevant to the department are recorded. This means that every task can also be carried out by another employee.

Environmental awareness

Sustainability and environmental protection have been close to our hearts since the company was founded. The bigger Projektron became, the more ideas and possibilities for further measures bubbled up. Today, for example, we are pleased to have almost exclusively organic food in our company, 100% recycled paper, filtered tap water and our own vegetable garden. Find out more about our ecological commitment.

Recognition and appreciation

Companies that regularly recognize and appreciate performance and efforts create a positive atmosphere and motivate their employees to give their best. We therefore show each other that we value each other and each other's work. The management also regularly expresses its appreciation with small or large surprises. Those who perform well do not have to ask for a pay rise first, but are proactively offered one.

Development and training opportunities

If you want to achieve good results, you have to focus on the process of getting there. Standing still bores and frustrates. Constant learning and continuous training are therefore the keys to competence, innovation and satisfied employees.

Regular further training: In any field of activity, it is important to be aware of new trends and developments. That's why we support participation in specialist conferences, networking events and other training courses - from PRINCE2 and presentation techniques to resilience training. Together with the team leader, each employee decides which further training courses will help them and the company move forward. Our aim is for every full-time employee to take part in five training days a year.
Comprehensive induction training: All beginnings are difficult? Not with us! Intensive support based on an induction plan, training courses and a mentor who is always on hand to help during induction ensure that new employees quickly find their feet in the team and always know where they stand.
Individual development paths: Starting as a team assistant in user consulting or as a technical editor - and now as a trainer or consultant. Our development paths make it possible. If desired, we gradually introduce employees to new areas of responsibility.
Develop your talents: Just because you tend to be reserved in everyday life doesn't mean you can't blossom at trade fairs. Because everyone has a few hidden talents. We give our employees the opportunity to discover their talents, develop them further and take on responsibility.
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