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MicroNova requires more than project management software; rather, it requires comprehensive "business coordination software" that can be used to map important company processes related to project management. If you are not only looking for a powerful project management tool, but also an integrated solution for a wide range of company departments and use cases, you are really in good hands with Projektron BCS. The holistic view in company processes and solutions is commendable, thus isolated solutions are avoided. This positive aspect is complemented by a high degree of customizing.

Tech competence since 1987: MicroNova

MicroNova has been active as a software and systems house since 1987 and offers products, solutions and services in three business areas: Testing of Electronic Systems, Management of Mobile & Communication Networks and Distribution of IT and Project Management Solutions. 

400 experts work with technological competence and passion at the headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich and at eight other locations in Germany and the Czech Republic. Numerous customers such as Audi, BMW, Continental, Telefónica Germany, Vodafone Germany or Volkswagen trust in MicroNova's know-how.

Simple mapping of complexity

The project landscape at MicroNova includes both internal and customer projects. Internally, development projects for our software, our own digitization, and IT processes are recorded and managed. In the customer area, MicroNova relies on Projektron BCS for service and consulting projects, software projects, digitization projects, training projects, and hardware projects.

The aforementioned projects are carried out and controlled across the entire group of companies - consisting of MicroNova AG, ks.MicroNova GmbH and cz.MicroNova s.r.o. - at up to nine locations, crossing national and state borders and taking place in different currencies.

We need project management software that allows us to easily map the high complexity of our projects. The mix of distributed, partly international structures and highly heterogeneous use cases as well as highly individual customer requirements is quite demanding. With Projektron BCS, our team fulfills this task very successfully day after day. Quality, costs and adherence to schedules meet our expectations and those of our customers.

However, MicroNova needs more than project management software; rather, it requires comprehensive "business coordination software" that can be used to map important company processes related to project management. At MicroNova, this includes

  • Quotation generation
  • Contact management
  • Personnel management
  • Controlling & project controlling
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Vacation management
  • Time recording
  • Intercompany accounting
  • Document management
  • Quality assurance
  • Qualitätssicherung

We found this solution with Projektron BCS.

Can map everything in BCS

MicroNova has been using Projektron BCS since 2010. Thus, the tool has accompanied and supported the company during a growth from just under 100 employees to 400 employees in the meantime. This has been accompanied by an increase in innovative projects. 

In 2018, MicroNova decided to strongly push the digitalization of its internal processes. As part of this effort, Projektron BCS also underwent a re-evaluation. Up to this point, MicroNova had been using Projektron BCS for project management, partly for project controlling, and for leave management and invoicing.

In a very well organized workshop, where product presentations took place, we analyzed the further use of BCS together with Projektron and the internal stakeholders from sales, order processing, accounting, controlling as well as the operative departments. We then implemented the project from quotation to invoicing with Projektron BCS. 

The result: We didn't have to purchase a new tool for quotation creation, contact management, controlling, project controlling and expense management, but were able to map all of this with Projektron BCS.

BCS in use from offer to invoice

Since 2018, MicroNova has been steadily advancing the use of BCS. Based on the internal project name "BCS - from offer to invoice", the focus of BCS in our company can be seen. The central point is still: to use the functions of the classic project management - as well as to simplify the daily work in the project business. Added to this are the functions already mentioned.

All of MicroNova's customers are entered into BCS, making it the company's leading CRM tool and providing a direct link to all related operations. Consequently, the quotation module is used across all divisions to standardize the creation of quotations - including a central access point, which also simplifies their monitoring and control. For the planning and execution phases of projects, many of the planning views provided are used.

BCS also supports MicroNova in the processes related to quality and information security management. In the former area, the company uses BCS to determine quality metrics through the use of raw data. These include compliance with process specifications, budgets and deadlines, and measuring customer satisfaction, as well as obtaining defined quality gates.

In terms of information security, BCS provides support through the ability to assign additional attributes to projects. For example, we can classify projects in terms of their need for protection or mark whether it is a project with prototype protection. Based on these markings, we can derive and initiate further process steps.

For MicroNova, the flexibility and comprehensive usability of BCS is particularly evident in two functions that are essential for the company:

Through a corresponding central dashboard, Projektron has created a tool with which the high complexity of framework agreements can be successfully managed. This dashboard contains cross-project information on all relevant order documents - quotations, purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices - that are linked to the respective framework agreement. 

By displaying and summing up the relevant key figures, such as remaining budget or open quotations, this results in framework agreement controlling with just one click. This also helps in the preparation of customer negotiations. Above all, the always error-prone Excel workbooks become obsolete.

Furthermore, by using Projektron BCS, MicroNova makes it possible to generate delivery bills directly within the invoicing process. This avoids another Excel list, namely the one for assigning the delivery note number, as well as a Word template for the delivery bills.

MicroNova also uses BCS for the actual invoicing, as enormous time savings can be achieved in combination with the DATEV export. Not only outgoing invoices to customers are processed, but also "intercompany invoices" within the group.

In addition, MicroNova successfully handles the complete attendance recording - attendance and absences, illness, vacation - with BCS. The working time account function is also used, for example, when employees' working time bookings need to be managed. BCS fulfills these requirements despite different legal regulations, such as those imposed by the Czech subsidiary. The largely free configuration options have proven to be very helpful here.

Conclusion: Reliable partner

Anyone looking for not only a powerful project management tool, but also an integrated solution for a wide range of company departments and use cases, is really in good hands with Projektron BCS. The holistic approach to corporate processes and solutions is commendable, as it avoids isolated solutions. This positive aspect is complemented by a high level of customization options. 

The solution has always helped us to successfully map and support our company growth, which is why we will continue to follow the path we have chosen. Projektron BCS has proven to be a reliable partner.

MicroNova AG

Industry: Software development
Customer since: 2010
Users: 400

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Author: Thomas Hackenbuchner, Head of Finance & Administration
Status: 10/2023

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