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User report from delta Karlsruhe GmbH

As a student consultancy, we need project management software that is intuitive to use and helps us maintain high quality standards. Projektron BCS has reliably supported us in our project work for more than seven years. Projektron BCS is still the first choice in our company, even after our project management software requirements have changed.

University knowledge in practice

delta Karlsruhe GmbH is a student consultancy and university group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which was founded in 1996 with the vision of applying university knowledge in practice to consultancy projects. Today, delta is not only an association consisting of more than 100 students and doctoral candidates from a wide range of disciplines, but also a leading student consultancy with more than 290 successfully completed consultancy projects. From strategy and concept development to process optimisation and system implementation support - our consulting portfolio is diverse and covers topics in all business areas.

Together with our clients, our consultants always develop innovative and individually tailored solutions based on the latest research findings. Our clients include start-ups, medium-sized companies and large corporations such as Audi, BMW and Airbus, companies of all sectors and sizes.

Why a project management tool for project work?

In order for the project results to meet our quality standards, our projects must be managed efficiently by the project manager. Task packages must be distributed quickly and evenly and continuous monitoring of the project progress must be carried out by the Executive Board within the framework of project controlling. A system that supports us in these activities and can map our corporate processes not only ensures the quality of the results, but also increases the efficiency of our work.

The operation of the tool must be kept as simple as possible for the project teams by means of intuitive user interfaces, in order to additionally enable a quick familiarisation with the software.

The decision for Projektron BCS

In 2008, an internal project team compared different project management tools as part of a system analysis, with the aim of finding a system that best met our system requirements. Previously, we had been using a programmed Microsoft Excel application, which, however, no longer met our growth and complex processes. In the end, we chose Projektron BCS, which was far superior to the original Excel solution, especially in terms of usability, evaluability and data security.

In addition, the software offers the potential for further growth due to its scalability. 14 years after its introduction, we remain convinced of the functional scope of Projektron BCS and have increasingly increased the number of features-in-use over the past few years. In all this time, all innovations in the software have always been quickly and well received by our consultants and triggered great enthusiasm in our company. Especially the introduction of the CRM functionalities into the daily work routine was able to create a clear added value for our account managers and project managers. The automatic email import into the contact history and the contact traffic light were particularly praised. The direct overview of all data of a customer in self-configurable dashboards also facilitates the work immensely. In the future, delta plans to replace LDAP authentication with an SSO solution (OpenID Connect). This changeover is also possible without any problems with Projektron BCS - which has once again confirmed our decision.

Projektron BCS in use

Both the consultants in the project teams and the management benefit equally from the intuitive and clear structure and the functions of Projektron BCS. The project teams use Projektron BCS to structure projects in terms of content and time, to book efforts on a daily basis and to keep track of project progress. In this way, the consultants can take a look at the progress of their projects at any time and easily evaluate all efforts and activities.

During project planning, the project managers use the assistant to create the project and structure it with sub-projects and tasks. The intuitive structure of the wizard in particular brings decisive added value. This means that even project managers without previous experience in using the software can create and edit their project independently in just a few steps. Our organisational structure includes the roles of board member, quality management representative, project manager and (junior) consultant. Via the administration account, it is possible to activate different modules and rights for the various user roles with a mouse click.

In order to offer our advisors a clear user experience, we have limited the standard interface to the relevant functions. This not only additionally simplifies work with the system, but also protects the data, which can only be viewed by the persons responsible for it.

Our board of directors and quality management supervisors use Projektron BCS to get a general overview of the interim status of ongoing projects and carry out risk controlling of projects and further strategic project planning on the basis of the analysis functions.

Very well positioned for the future thanks to BCS

With Projektron BCS, we have had a strong partner at our side for over 10 years that meets our quality requirements and always reliably supports us in the planning, implementation and controlling of our projects. The intuitive and clear structure, as well as the wide range of functions, convinced us from the start and prompted us to actively use more and more features, such as the CRM functions, of Projektron BCS in our company. We are convinced that our IT landscape with Projektron BCS is also very well positioned for future challenges and look forward to continued good cooperation.

delta Karlsruhe GmbH

Industry: Consulting company
Client since: 2008
Users: 130

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Author: Jonathan Kowa, Executive Board for Information Management

Status: 08/2023

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