Quality management

Reliable. Effective. Software-based.

Quality management and project management work hand in hand with Projektron BCS – this is ensured by workflows, templates, checklists and various analysis options.

Process control and workflows

Reliable, transparent and flexible

Projektron BCS offers you two options for software-aided control of your processes involved with the project business.

Thanks to system-controlled workflows you define individual workflow steps directly in Projektron BCS – including processing sequence and reaction times – and assign your employees. If it is your turn in the workflow as a processor, Projektron BCS will automatically inform what needs to be done and how much time you have for accomplishing it. After you have finished, the next employee will be informed accordingly – via e-mail and in Projektron BCS.

As an alternative, Projektron BCS provides you with a holistic solution with the integrated process engine from Activiti. In the Activiti Designer you model the processes according to BPMN 2.0 – the internationally accepted notation standard for business process models. You can define all activities in the process via the graphic program interface including the related process forms and assign the participating persons and person groups. The process models are available immediately after being uploaded in Projektron BCS and can be launched by mouse click.

Interfaces to the BPM platform and modeling tools


Proven, systematic testing method

Did you think of everything? With standardized checklists, you can show known error sources and support your employees in efficiently improving quality. Projects, tasks, workflow steps and milestones: In Projektron BCS, you benefit from having our proven testing method in numerous places.


For efficiency and consistency

How to save time and increase quality at the same time? The templates in Projektron BCS make it possible: instead of having to create project structures for every new project, you and your employees can simply use the already defined templates again.

Such templates can also be applied to individual tasks or entire projects and a person responsible can be directly defined. This allows working in a structured, effective and quick manner. The template may also contain reusable workflows and checklists.

Additional templates ensure consistent quality across projects – for example in quotations, invoices, tickets, file repositories and reports.


Project planning



Customer relationship management (CRM)

Wiki integration

Closely linked

Have you already documented process descriptions, working instructions or similar things for quality management purposes? In Projektron BCS, you can make your know-howavailable in a context-sensitive manner - for example for a task. Time-consuming searches for required information become unnecessary, as Projektron BCS supports a large number of wiki software systems. Whether you have projects, tasks, workflows or persons, you can insert links to external or internal Wikis in almost any Projektron BCS objects.

Tools for reporting


Customer satisfaction and QM measures

With different evaluation options, Projektron BCS supports you in examining your quality management measures.

If you use the Projektron BCS ticket system, you can easily gain important information for your quality management – for example regarding frequent product errors or response times for customer enquiries.

Your employees can directly enter how satisfied your customers are with the product and company in Projektron BCS customer management. The handy pop-up menus can be easily configured just like the related evaluations.

Project controlling


Documentation functions

For continuous quality improvements

Whether you're in tasks, workflows or in projects – you can easily and quickly save your valuable experience in handy remark fields for future jobs.

Even project development can be efficiently documented in Projektron BCS. This allows you to contribute to well-founded process analyses and promote continuous quality improvements during the project work phase.

Project execution

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