Documents and contracts

Simple and secure

Whether it's for individual projects or throughout the company: Thanks to web-based access, systematic allocation and automatic version history, your documents are in good hands in Projektron BCS.

  • Thanks to powerful full-text search, you have quick access to documents stored in Projektron BCS
  • Direkter Zugriff auf Ihr Dokumentmanagement über den Microsoft Explorer dank WebDAV
  • You always have an eye on your contracts thanks to the global contract list
  • See all proportional costs for your current contracts at a glance

Easy management

For projects and more

With Projektron BCS document management, your project team has access to the relevant files in a uniform file structure . This facilitates not only cooperation within the team but also avoids unnecessary duplication of effort and storage space costs for duplicates.

New documents can be easily uploaded via drag and drop. Simply select the desired file repository in Projektron BCS, for example on the appointment, mark a file on your computer and drag it to your Projektron BCS. You can assign documents in any file format to tasks, projects and appointments as well as to persons and organizations.

If you load Microsoft Office files into your file repository, you can edit them directly in the browser. The version of the file will automatically be set to a higher number after saving.

When your email correspondence is imported in Projektron BCS, you can also store email attachments at the suitable structure element, for example at the project. This allows document management in Projektron BCS to support company-wide quality management. Filelinks are also possible. This way employees can see a document exactly where they need the information.

Automatic version history

Up to date

If you process or save a document, Projektron BCS automatically carries out a version history control for your file. This ensures that everyone works with the same status of a document. In addition, a blocking system prevents parallel changes and the storage and the version conflicts that would result. Transparency is also ensured by showing the version, storage date and processor of a document. You want to use an older version? Not a problem with Projektron BCS document management: Automatic version control ensures that all intermediate states of a document can be accessed via the central document archive.

Contract management

Keep an eye on deadlines

Contract terms, cancellation periods and scanned contract documents can be quickly entered and conveniently managed with the contract management module. You can view all proportional costs for your current contracts and see their current status at a glance.

If a termination date is approaching, Projektron BCS informs the employee responsible by email and requests a statement. The employee responsible can call up the feedback function with a single click and can indicate directly in Projektron BCS how to proceed with the contract.

Full text search

Quickly found

You want to search your documents for a tag? The convenient full text search of Projektron BCS is available almost everywhere, of course also within document management. If you browse PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and text files, you can even see the related sections of text in the hit list next to the file path and file name. Additionally, you can mark your documentswith tags via metadata and thus further optimize your search.

Access and processing rights

The right setting for everyone

Information security and data protection are particularly important when it comes to document management, which is why they are directly integrated in the administration of user permissions in Projektron BCS. This allows you to easily and safely define who may read, delete or update documents and directories.

Web-based access

With browser and WebDAV

You easily access all functions of document management via the user interface of Projektron BCS. Thanks to the web-based project management system, the data are of course also available to you while you are on the go.

In addition, Projektron BCS allows you to accessdocuments in web files which are based on the WebDAV standard.

If your documents are located on a Microsoft SharePoint platform, you can even process, delete or block them with Projektron BCS.

Standard interfaces

Interfaces with Microsoft

Our customers love it

Marcus Brandl

Staff position operative management and business planning department at it4logistics AG, Information Technology (IT)

"Our customers are international and many of our employees spend a lot of time in the companies we support. Thanks to mobile access to BCS, all relevant data is still available to them. In the file repository linked to the respective project, relevant documents can be managed centrally on the one hand, and on the other hand our employees can easily access important documents at the customer's site."

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