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User report from NTS Retail KG

NTS Retail KG develops and implements commerce solutions for the special requirements of telcos and specialist retailers. Projektron BCS serves the IT company as a central tool in project management, project controlling, project accounting and personnel administration. Through many years of use, Projektron BCS has established itself at NTS Retail and has become an indispensable part of process handling.

Today, NTS Retail counts more than 350 successful retail projects and 30,000 store installations in over 25 countries. Renowned telecom brands such as Vodafone, A1, Etisalat or Telefónica place their trust in the performance of our software solutions and the expertise of our project teams.

Selection of Projektron BCS

In order to ensure the quality of our services and products, we decided to implement a project management system. We evaluated several products - due to our high demands and requirements for the future system, most of BCS's competitor products were already eliminated in the run-up to the evaluation. The reasons why we chose Projektron BCS as a result of the evaluation were the ease of use, efficient project management, quick time tracking and clear reports that the system provides.

One of the most important criteria for the selection was to provide our employees with a web-based solution so that they could also work comfortably outside our company. We also considered the migration of our old data and the connection of our existing systems to the new system to be equally important.

Thanks to the close cooperation with Projektron during the implementation of their BCS solution, our requirements were met and our desired customizations were implemented very efficiently.

Experience with the system

By using the Projektron BCS software for many years, we not only maintained the quality of our services and products, but rather increased it. Management can get an overview of current projects and their status at any time: With little effort, we customized BCS reports in cooperation with Projektron to present our business processes well. Time recording and vacation planning are readily accepted by our employees, and the system is very user-friendly.

Since its introduction a few years ago, the quality of the recorded data has become more and more precise because our employees record their data more accurately. At the same time, motivation is increasing due to the ease of use. BCS enables us to plan and execute projects across multiple locations. The multi-currency capability additionally facilitates project management with partners outside the euro zone.

Due to a steadily growing number of employees, resource management became indispensable for us. Projektron's support team provided us with advice and assistance during its introduction. Here, too, we were actively supported by Projektron, which meant that all upgrades ran smoothly. Thus, we continue to look forward to future releases and do not hesitate to use them productively.

Outlook for the future

Because of the close cooperation and support for adaptations provided by Projektron, we are already looking forward to further BCS functions that we want to use in our company.

NTS Retail KG

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Author: Oliver Dorn-Fussenegger, Head of IT Services
Status: 04/2022

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