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User report from infomax websolutions

We use Projektron BCS as a central project management tool from project planning to project control, quality assurance, controlling and invoicing. We also use the BCS ticket system very successfully and thus integrate our customers even more closely into our processes. The use of BCS has only made it really transparent which and how much services we provide for which customers. We can recommend Projektron BCS without reservation - not least because of the very competent, friendly and fast support from Projektron GmbH.

The infomax websolutions GmbH

infomax websolutions GmbH compact:

  • e-tourism experience since 1998
  • Headquarters in Grassau (Bavaria), branch office in Bremen
  • 40 employees

Competencies and focus:

  • Implementation of excellent complex web portals (consulting, conception, design, programming, software development, operation).
  • 50% product business - 50% projects/services
  • imx.Platform as a proven software platform
  • Holistic approach for "Digital Tourism

As one of the leading providers in e-tourism, infomax develops strategic, creative and technical internet and software solutions for tourism companies and destinations.The top vacation destinations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are among our customers. Our solutions are the benchmark in the industry.

The business success of our customers on the web is our ultimate goal. Visible, and measurable. As an owner-managed company, we have focused on independence and autonomy since the company was founded in 1998.

Currently infomax employs 40 people at two locations in Germany. The shareholder and managing director is Robert Klauser.

BCS maps every process in our company

We have been working with Projektron BCS since 2006 and today we use almost all modules and functions of Projektron BCS: we started with project planning, project controlling, time recording and the ticket system, and now we also use BCS for automatic invoicing and for our CRM including the CTI interface. Especially the CTI interface is something we can't do without in our daily work: just click on the phone number of a contact and the conversation starts and you can record relevant things in a phone memo.

In summary, BCS today maps every process in our company and is the backbone for pretty much everything we do. The processes and modules are now strongly interconnected, and we have also had some functions adapted to our specific requirements, which pays off greatly for us in our daily work. At the same time, the deeper integration of BCS has also helped to make our own internal processes more transparent and targeted. And this transparency also pays off: for our customers in the form of reliable project planning in terms of reference and time and costs, and for ourselves in the economic success of the projects.

Conclusion and outlook

In addition to the ongoing further development by Projektion itself, we particularly appreciate the easy expandability and adaptability to individual needs; this was the case, for example, in connection with the invoicing, where we needed our own reports and our own interfaces to the financial accounting, or also in the area of resource planning, where we can fall back on several individually configured views. In the future, we plan to use agile requirements management via Scrum, which BCS also supports, especially in product development.

infomax websolutions

Industry: Digital agency
Client since: 2006
Users: 47

Most used functions:

Author: Robert Klauser, Managing Director
Status: 08/2016

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