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gematik has overall responsibility for the telematics infrastructure (TI), the central platform for digital applications in the German healthcare system. With Projektron BCS, we have software with which we can perform and evaluate targeted resource planning.

gematik GmbH was founded in 2005, and at the same time its mission was laid down in SGB V. Its goal is to resolutely drive forward digitization in the German healthcare system. It is a competence center and coordinating body for interoperability. gematik creates the framework conditions so that the core applications in the TI, such as the electronic patient file and the e-prescription, optimize care processes and advance networking in the medical sector for the health of all people in Germany.

To achieve this, our specialists are working hand in hand with representatives from industry, science, politics, health insurers as well as healthcare professionals, IT and data protection experts.

Initial situation and new solution

gematik is structured as a matrix organization. Resource planning was a challenge under these conditions. This is because by the end of 2013, gematik's divisions and departments had various proprietary applications that had reached their limits. We therefore decided to introduce an overarching solution that could provide our project managers and line managers with more transparency about the utilization of their employees.

Particularly important here was an appropriate rights and roles concept that protected sensitive information. Last but not least, such software should enable efficient and better resource planning.

Projektron BCS was able to meet our requirements. The location in Berlin and the very good personal service are welcome add-ons.

Projektron BCS in use

Since the introduction of BCS, a number of things have changed. For example, the introduction of standalone personnel management software in 2022 and its rollout in 2023 means that we will no longer need to use the personnel management modules. In addition, interfaces between the systems are required so that resource and project planning can continue to be mapped in BCS. 

Resource and project planning will continue to be the areas for which we will primarily use BCS.

gematik GmbH

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Author: Mirko Richter
Status: 04/2023

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