User management and authentification

Convenient contact management and automatic login

Use your directory services and assignment of rights via the LDAP application log. Authentificate comfortably via the network protocol Kerberos and OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect.

User management

As a directory service, Projektron BCS can work together with other programs that query user data via the LDAP application protocol. Whether credentials for same sign-on or data on groups of people for assignment of rights in the file system - the required data can be easily reused. The reverse path is also possible: Data located in other directory services, for example in Microsoft Active Directory, can be imported into Projektron BCS via the LDAP application protocol (not with BCS.start). Projektron BCS provides various mapping functions for this purpose. Already imported data can be updated automatically.


There are several ways to authentificate people in Projektron BCS:

  • User account with user name and password securely managed in Projektron BCS
  • LDAP authentification
  • Network protocol Kerberos - ticket-based authentification without transmission of passwords
  • Standard protocolOAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect - modern and token-based authentification compared to a service like the Microsoft Cloud or PingFederate

In particular Kerberos and many OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect services also support single sign-on.

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