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User report of Westernacher Solutions GmbH

Westernacher Solutions GmbH is one of the leading providers of innovative consulting and IT solutions for the judiciary, public authorities, churches and notaries. As a full-service IT provider for solutions with extra-high security and data protection requirements, the company designs, develops and supports both standardized industry solutions and individual specialized applications for its customers. Westernacher Solutions has been working with Projektron BCS since January 2010, and fundamental improvements in our workflows were evident from the very beginning.

Westernacher Solutions GmbH is part of a globally active group of companies; Dr. Westernacher & Partner Unternehmensberatung AG (Holding), founded in 1969. Westernacher Solutions is the company where Projektron BCS was introduced in January 2010. With more than 140 experts, Westernacher Solutions offers its customers comprehensive support, starting with process analysis, through the design and implementation of IT systems, to operation, rollout, training and support. Projektron BCS fundamentally changed the work at Westernacher Solutions when it was introduced and is still firmly integrated into the company's processes today. With the introduction, communication has become more structured and working methods more standardized.

Why an external project management tool?

Our business is heterogeneous. As a full-service IT provider, we develop solutions and consulting offerings for the digitization of public administration and the judiciary. A typical project, for example, consists of digitizing a customer's paper-based workflows and processes and lifting them into a modern and secure enterprise content landscape.

The plans and projects can vary greatly in terms of design and scope. They vary from a one-person consulting assignment to a development project with over fifty project participants. In addition to the implementation of individualized specialist applications, we offer our customers standardized industry solutions with the notary software NOAH and with ISIDOR, an information platform for church organizations, and place these on the market as products. On the one hand, structures and processes in the product business differ from the business with customized individual software; on the other hand, there is also potential for synergies. In order to achieve the best possible results for our customers, our teams work together across locations, divisions and disciplines. The resulting complexity of business activities must be mapped with the help of a professional web-based project management tool. Projektron BCS supports us in this.

How Westernacher decided on Projektron BCS

Our path to Projektron BCS led via a web search in 2009. BCS was shortlisted and after workshops and analyses with the qualified Projektron consultants, we decided on BCS. After a test phase at the end of 2009, we were convinced by the software and introduced it throughout the company in January 2010; initially primarily for project planning, project controlling, resource management and time recording, and over the years increasingly also for expense management, personnel management, contact data maintenance and contract management.

Projektron BCS in daily use for Westernacher

For Westernacher Solutions, Projektron BCS is the central application for mapping our business activities. Both personnel and customer management are carried out with the help of the application, in which the corresponding master data is maintained. BCS is used significantly in the mapping and control of our project and product business in all phases. Whether in the planning phase or during implementation, the project management software supports our daily work along the entire project or product life cycle, for example, in task planning, online time recording, results accounting, and business analysis and reporting. We also map internal company administrative activities in BCS.

The application supports us in establishing standardized procedures and work methods. Tasks, roles and responsibilities are clearly structured with the help of BCS. In this way, we create transparency for the company management, for department and project managers, and for employees.

Westernacher Solutions GmbH

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Benjamin Schlötke | Project Office Lead | Westernacher

Status: 07/2022

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