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We decided to implement Projektron BCS in 2018 and are very satisfied with the software to date. BCS convinces with a breadth of application possibilities to cover our various requirements, a user-friendly interface and the individual adaptations. Projektron BCS is a practical tool that we also recommend to other companies.

About team Technology Management

team Technology Management is a vendor-independent consulting firm based in Vienna and Munich. For more than 20 years, our focus has been on the management of complex IT and telecommunications projects in the field of critical infrastructures such as rail, road, aviation, public safety, utilities and government.

team - projects with the client in the team

We live and love project business, a clear goal and its framework. In doing so, we support our clients in finding their way in the ever faster changing information age, in asserting themselves and in applying the right strategies beneficially and sustainably in the company. Our approach "with the client in the team" enables us to transfer know-how and has made us sustainably successful. The "right" solution for the respective use case requires a high degree of expertise and professional methodology.

From the requirements analysis to the transfer into operation, our customers can spend an entire project life with the team. Our consultants combine technical expertise and many years of project management experience based on international standards. This enables us to grasp complex technical systems and, despite specialising in individual sub-areas, always keep an eye on the project as a whole. We flexibly adapt our approach to the needs of our clients. "Project by project" we grow with the trust of our customers. The success of our customers is our top priority.

The number of projects we carry out per year varies depending on the size and order volume of the clients. The project duration can range from four months to ten years. Our clients benefit from a cross-industry exchange of knowledge and experience. Each project is accompanied and carried out by an experienced and specialised project team. Through our standardised and certified business processes, we optimise the interaction between people, processes and tools.

Projektron BCS in use

Projektron GmbH's project management software Projektron BCS enables us to represent and implement the multidisciplinary tasks of these complex projects. The software enables us to holistically record the tasks of a project with all interdependencies in order to identify challenges at an early stage. It is important to us to deal intensively with the project contents and at the same time to use a user-friendly and clear project management software.

One application example for BCS is the European Train Control System (ETCS) project "ETCS Level 2 Award and Rollout in Austria". In the course of this project, the uniform European train control system ETCS Level 2 is being implemented on the high-level rail network throughout Austria as part of an ambitious programme. The concrete implementation of lines or line sections will be carried out in individual implementation projects based on the specifications of the programme.

The team provides support as a technically competent partner whose goal is to develop an ETCS migration strategy, to specify the uniform European train control system ETCS Level 2, to put it out to tender and, after the contract has been awarded, to supervise not only the overall programme but also the individual implementation projects. Under the programme/project support of team, a wide range of services are provided with regard to project management, technical and operational integration, tests and inspections as well as safety and approval.

Requirements and selection process for a new project management tool

When introducing a new PM tool, we were looking for an external software solution that would enable efficient and simple project planning, monitoring and integrated billing. It should also be possible to perform performance recording and billing with the same software.

Our primary requirement for the software was that it should be able to map as many of our business processes as possible, including project management, opportunity and risk analysis, bidding and approval process, internal controlling, performance recording, billing process and stakeholder analysis.

The software makes a significant contribution to our internal business processes, such as time recording, management of contacts, contracts, absences, employee capability evaluation, asset management and the mapping of an internal reporting system. Therefore, we decided to implement BCS in 2018 and are very satisfied with the software to date. Projektron BCS convinces with a wide range of application possibilities to cover our various requirements, a user-friendly interface and the individual adaptations, which can sometimes also be carried out by ourselves. Projektron BCS can thus transform our operational, organisational and technical competencies in a professional and user-friendly way.

Priority: Quality assurance

The introduction of new systems and technologies means leaving the comfort zone, taking increased risk and making decisions whose outcome significantly determines the company's success. Projektron BCS provides support in meeting the complex requirements. Typical usage scenarios include implementing and presenting project planning and project development. Another application scenario is the development of measures based on figures, which are summarised and clearly evaluated by the programme.

The decisive criterion for our work is demonstrable quality assurance. When accompanying and monitoring projects, we are not afraid to go into technical and professional detail with the supplier on all essential points - in this way we gain respect and discuss at eye level.

In the role of programme or project manager, we build successful project organisations and take over project control, applying a structured approach in which BCS supports us.

What we particularly appreciate about BCS is the individual extensions and adaptations to our wishes and requirements. By naming our own drop-down menus or additional tabs, Projektron BCS enables us to map the team individually. We also appreciate the ability to generate reports and key figures, which are essential for internal controlling and subsequently relevant for the quality management audit. Last but not least, the great advantage of BCS is that one system can map all internal company processes and bundle them in one place.

Conclusion and lessons learned

Projektron BCS is a practical tool that we can also recommend to other companies. By assigning roles and rights, it is possible to restrict or extend the use for individual user groups. We recommend that you deal intensively with the allocation of licences/roles and rights and also coordinate the training of employees accordingly. As the software is very extensive, it can sometimes be too much for people who do not work with the system on a daily basis. We also recommend setting up a small BCS KeyUser/SuperUser team in your own company, which is available as the first point of contact for the many small queries and uncertainties. Furthermore, the introduction of BCS in several phases in our company has proved very successful. This made it possible for us to gradually implement business processes with BCS, to replace the previously used tools, and to involve the affected employees more intensively in the change process.

Projektron BCS is used by all team members to plan projects, book hours or record their own time. Training in the use of BCS is provided by an internal team member, who is also part of our BCS Key User/Super User team. New employees are trained in the basic applications and, if necessary, individual features are explained and trained again in detail.

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Author: Andrea Fischer, Back office project assistance at team Technology Management GmbH (Austria)
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