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Stolz IT Consulting, based in Haslach, Baden-Württemberg, is a specialist in the areas of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, SAP Knowledge Warehouse, SAP Floorplan Manager and SAP Business Objects. With a growing customer base, the company is constantly expanding. Thanks to the project management software Projektron BCS, the structures can also grow with it.

The company Stolz IT Consulting has been successfully active in development and consulting around these topics for more than 20 years. It has a very close relationship with SAP AG and is also represented there in development.

The entire software lifecycle - from the analysis of requirements with the customer, through conception and implementation, to quality management - and system maintenance are among the company's core competencies.

Main focus

One of the focal points of the company's activities is SAP AG's Knowledge Warehouse. This integral component of every SAP system makes it easy to create, manage and distribute manuals and training documents. This electronic process design is also reflected in SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. As the name suggests, these are interactive PDF forms that are created via a template and then made available to the user via PDF file. Once the forms have been completed, they can be sent to the SAP system by e-mail for automatic further processing or resubmission. This is particularly useful when data is to be maintained by people who do not have access to the SAP system themselves.

For example, data on materials can be requested from suppliers. The data from the form is transferred directly to the SAP system after a check. The effort required to transfer data from a paper form and the typing errors that inevitably occur are eliminated. The forms can thus be used in almost all areas of online and offline communication.

References from Stolz IT Consulting include: SAP AG, DAIMLER AG, MAHLE BEHR GmbH & Co. KG, Schindler Aufzüge AG, SIEMENS AG, MediaSaturn Deutschland GmbH, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN AG.


Before founding the company Stolz IT Consulting, Jürgen Stolz worked for several years as a freelancer and consultant in the above mentioned areas. During this time he was able to gain deep knowledge of SAP and Adobe systems. Due to the great demand for the products, the decision to found a company on this basis was obvious. In the meantime, the company Stolz IT Consulting employs more than 20 permanent employees.

Projektron BCS puts an end to data searching

The decision to use Projektron BCS arose from the situation faced by many young companies. At the beginning, time recording and performance records based on Excel may still be sufficient, but once the company reaches a certain size, the maintenance and administration effort quickly becomes too high. Invoicing alone required a great deal of rework, and controlling time and budget overruns was only possible with considerable effort.

For these reasons, several different tools for project management were evaluated. The scope and functionality of the project management software Projektron BCS was then demonstrated at a trade fair. In a direct comparison, BCS was particularly convincing due to its comprehensive functions and coherent operating concept. Another important factor was the web-based interface, which enables effortless operation even outside the office.

In the meantime, the software has been successfully in use for over five years and the initial good impression has been fully confirmed. Work processes have been massively simplified and management always has an overview of relevant project data. The intuitive user interface has also reduced the training time for new employees.

Delegation made easy

Projektron BCS not only makes it easy to delegate tasks, but has also led to a standardization and simplification of company processes. Controlling and project management tasks have also been simplified by Projektron BCS. With the help of the software, it is much easier for those responsible to keep an eye on relevant key figures and avoid critical estimates in the future.

Projektron BCS grows with new requirements

Due to the modular structure of Projektron BCS, it is possible to integrate further areas of the tool into the company processes "on demand". The use of the ticket system has arisen from the requirements of our customers. The next adaptation at Stolz IT Consulting is the more intensive use of the project management functions. Projektron BCS also offers excellent tool support for the changeover to agile development processes such as Scrum. Wiki integration for knowledge management is also becoming increasingly important.

The continuous development of Projektron BCS fits very well with the growth of Stolz IT Consulting. A look at the upcoming improvements also shows that tasks can be simplified and standardized even further. We can only say: "We are very satisfied with Projektron BCS - and excited about the future".

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