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Success story from r-tec IT Security GmbH

r-tec has been providing IT security and IT service management for medium-sized and larger companies since 1996. Our three locations in Wuppertal, Sprockhövel and Aalen help our customers with everything from consulting to support. Since 2008, we have been getting help from Projektron BCS, from time recording to customer data maintenance.

r-tec IT Security GmbH was founded in 1996 as a company of the Böhme & Weihs Group. Since then, our consistent focus on the planning, implementation, operation and auditing of customised security solutions has ensured success in projects of all sizes.

Our range of services includes consulting, gateway and endpoint security, authentication and support.

We attach great importance to an optimal organisation that is perfectly designed for the sensitive topic of IT security. With clear responsibilities and short decision-making paths, r-tec follows international standards when modelling all processes. Processes and organisation are regularly certified by TÜV in accordance with ISO 9001. We select our partners according to the strictest criteria. Before being used by customers, all our products undergo rigorous laboratory tests in which they prove their function, safety and cost-effectiveness.

We have been relying on Projektron BCS since 2008. It plays an important role in our daily work, whether with our ticket system or in acquiring new customers, whether in licence management or in object protection management. Everyone at r-tec works with Projektron BCS.

Why an external project management tool?

r-tec IT Security is an operational unit under the umbrella of Böhme und Weihs-Holding. Our current 60 employees in the two departments Sales and Technology work for medium-sized companies, but also for major customers such as banks or the logistics company TNT.

We handle a large number of projects. Last year there were 180, most of which lasted only hours to a few days and mostly involved changes or updates to our customers' IT systems. There were also over a thousand ad hoc assignments. This large number of small projects could no longer be handled sensibly with our previous Lotus Notes-based system.

Why r-tec decided in favour of Projektron BCS

First of all, we drew up a catalogue of requirements: The new project management tool should be web-based and help us with time recording. We also wanted the manufacturer to customise the software to our needs and for the tool to support management and sales.

With these ideas in mind, we gathered information from manufacturers and went to trade fairs such as CeBIT. We already felt a certain time pressure because our in-house system was overloaded. Projektron BCS impressed us above all with its customising and web capability. Of course, we also liked the fact that the price was attractive.

Projektron BCS in daily use for r-tec

The daily work at r-tec is as follows: When we receive an order from a customer, the sales department enters it into BCS and then the technical department takes over. Because the projects are usually small, our technicians generally work alone on the customer's IT system.

Due to the small size of most of our projects, BCS is used in many places: the ticket system for change management and at the service desk. BCS is also used at r-tec for time recording, forecasting and property protection management, licence management and telemarketing.

Compared to our previous system, we at r-tec are very satisfied with Projektron BCS. Also with the support. We sometimes make smaller extensions ourselves, but the extension to the a

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