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User report from Newsfactory

Newsfactory GmbH is an Internet service provider specializing in the publishing industry and the manufacturer of the Web CMS redFACT, the AboShop solution aboFACT and the Single Sign On system sso-FACT. The advantages of using Projektron BCS are obvious: Time recording is a central component of our invoicing, contribution margin accounting, and preliminary and final costing. We can therefore react very quickly to deviations and optimize workflows.

In addition to our own strong media brands, Newsfactory's focus for over 20 years has been on the realization of high-access Internet platforms for well-known newspaper publishers in Germany and abroad. With our Web CMS redFACT, publishers can quickly and easily publish content on their online portals and all other publication channels.

Project controlling and detailed time recording play an essential role in the implementation of complex customized solutions. We are very happy to be able to use Projektron's software. From the beginning of a project to its completion, employees record the time spent according to specific criteria. Project management and sales can thus compare target and actual statuses at any time at the push of a button and set the right course with the customer as well as internally.

The simple browser-based use of Projektron BCS enables Newsfactory to use home offices as well as freelancers for peak and vacation coverage. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, we can coordinate these capacities and expand the correspondingly required input fields depending on the task at hand. Extensions are generally very easy to manage. The link between Outlook and BCS is another very helpful component.

Colleagues are always informed about the most important appointments. Sales actions and project coordination can be coordinated wonderfully. All participants are involved in the communication and the customers are optimally informed.

Projektron BCS continues to help reduce internal capacities to a minimum. For this purpose, a reconciliation of customer data from our commercial system with the data in Projektron BCS was created. At the same time, this approach ensures that no loss of data or information occurs. This way, we were able to significantly simplify the invoicing process.

The vacation recording and approval workflow was also completely digitally integrated into Newsfactory's work processes with the help of Projektron BCS. Everything is controlled via Projektron BCS, from the application for leave to approval by the colleagues concerned and release by the supervisor. The people involved are informed for each process step, so that the process runs quickly and in a capacity-saving manner.

Outlook and conclusion

In the future, we will devote more attention to fully automated accounting. With Projektron BCS, we have taken a step in the right direction. Its functionality, flexibility and evaluations at the push of a button pay off every day.


Industry: Multimedia and publishing
Customer since: 2010
Users: 33

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Author: Andreas Weis
Status: 03/2022

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