System adapts to the company

Success story from KCW

KCW specialises in public transport consulting services. When it came to Projektron BCS, KCW attached great importance to the fact that the system adapted to the processes in the company – and not the other way round.

KCW is one of the leading strategy and management consultancies in the field of road and rail-based public transport in Germany.

We are independent and advise exclusively the public sector. Our clients include in particular municipalities, transport associations and ministries in Germany and Europe. We support them in strengthening the environmental alliance and driving forward the transport turnaround. Our approach is interdisciplinary and covers all organisational, planning, financial and legal aspects.

We work in Germany, but also in many other European countries. We support our clients strategically and operationally. For example, we are active in award procedures, develop sustainable models for the management of public transport or create tariff and financing concepts for vehicles and public infrastructure.

Complex requirements on Projektron BCS

KCW has grown strongly since 2003, the official year of its foundation. We currently have 74 employees working for us. In addition, we have an active network with which we can cover the complexity and diversity of projects across the entire consultancy spectrum. Our consultancy assignments vary greatly: in addition to short-term assignments, we have project durations of one year and more. Teams are formed depending on the assignment, on-site appointments and office hours alternate.

This means special challenges for our project planning as well as the recording of working hours and expenses. A project management software must be able to take this into account in order to help us with our work. Projektron BCS seemed to be able to do this. That's why we decided to use it in 2007. Given the wealth of possibilities BCS offers, we have gradually integrated the system into our processes. We started with time recording and the basic mapping of projects in the system to make work clearer.

We also had BCS adapted to our existing processes to make it easier for our staff to get started. Another important aspect for us was the familiarisation: half a day of explanation in small groups plus later help with problems has usually proven to be sufficient.

Projektron BCS makes work more efficient

We have now been working with Projektron BCS for fifteen years and have not regretted our decision. In the meantime, we use the system for many other work processes, including our project controlling, the documentation of our efforts vis-à-vis customers, our time recording and monthly booking closings, the management of our employees' holiday days and overtime, and our contact management. We also want to tackle the ticket system in 2023.

What we really appreciate about Projektron BCS is that the software has made our work more efficient in many areas. For example, because the project data is managed centrally in BCS and is no longer collected in parallel in several places. As a result, all project participants are automatically on the same level of information, and projects can be evaluated with less effort after completion.

The flexible rights management ensures that changes can only be made by those who are responsible for the corresponding area.

Communication with Projektron GmbH support is very efficient and uncomplicated thanks to the company's ticket system. We also liked the fact that Projektron acts flexibly: Projektron is open to adjustments that we have suggested and usually implements them quickly.


KCW is growing and our consulting areas are constantly changing and expanding. We are convinced that Projektron BCS will also be able to adapt to upcoming challenges in the future. Just like KCW.


Industry: Consulting company
Client since: 2007
Users: 87

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Author: Tony Kleinschmidt, Controlling
Status: 01/2023

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