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Success story from Inverso Gesellschaft für innovative Versicherungssoftware mbH

Inverso's core competence lies in the development of customised applications for insurance companies, tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We also advise and support our customers in the use of IT and CRM applications. Since January 2009, Projektron BCS has been helping us in almost all phases of our projects.

Initial situation, requirements and selection process

Inverso Gesellschaft für innovative Versicherungssoftware mbH is a subsidiary of Versicherungskammer Bayern. Our 180 employees have been working on IT solutions for insurance and sales since 1997.

Inverso has offices in Munich, Ilmenau and Jena. Some of our most important current projects are presented below:
Sparkassen-Versicherungsmanager is a sales support tool that focuses on individual customers. The insurance manager can manage current contracts, closes relevant gaps in the portfolio and enables customers to build up a comprehensive contract portfolio.

We are responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the core systems for our direct insurer Bavaria Direkt. These manage the insurance company's main business in all processes. This includes customer data, the product portfolio, the contract portfolio and all claims and benefits.

Our core business is also the development of portal systems. The extranet is a service portal for individual customers, but also for business and sales partners of an insurance company. Users include agencies, brokers, local authorities, churches, hospitals, banks, companies and freelancers. Users receive various target group-specific functions. In addition to calculating tariffs and submitting applications, they can access general, product and sales-specific information and get in touch with contact persons. Sales partners can order sales materials and advertising material electronically.

Our employees have been working with Projektron BCS since January 2009. We see the biggest advantage in the fact that we now have a central data record for all phases of each project.

Why external project management software?

We handle our projects completely via project management software, e.g. portfolio planning, employee deployment planning, postings to project tasks and project status controlling. Time recording, holiday planning and expenses are also managed and processed via Projektron BCS. We currently process 80 to 95 projects per year. There are maintenance and development projects that run for several years, from 1 January to 31 December. There are also individual projects with variable durations.

Our previous in-house tools were slowly becoming outdated. Instead of upgrading them, we were looking for a comprehensive external solution. That's why we started looking for new project and organisation management software.

We initially decided in favour of Projektron BCS as a standard solution because we could no longer cover the range of features and possibilities in sufficient quality with our own development.

Why Inverso decided in favour of Projektron BCS

Before Projektron BCS, we at Inverso worked with Microsoft Project and Lotus Notes. In our search for a new system, we looked for information on the Internet and scoured trade magazines.

After visiting the "Systems" trade fair in Munich in 2007, we chose three providers and invited them for trial runs. We found the offer from Projektron GmbH to be the best. We were convinced by

  • the flexible web approach
  • the open reporting engine
  • the customising options.

That is why we have been using Projektron BCS for over 15 years.

Projektron BCS in daily use

In day-to-day operations, we use Projektron BCS primarily as a resource management and sales module. In addition, the entire quotation and invoice management runs via Projektron BCS.

We have also transferred the newer features, such as the management of skill profiles (abilities), as well as the monitoring of our contract management for various service providers to Projektron BCS.

Last year, we were also able to implement an interface between BCS and our document management system in order to improve and simplify internal workflows.

The features that are used most frequently in project controlling are the effort diagram and the milestone trend analysis, which was originally set up for us as a functional enhancement. This shows that Projektron accepts and implements our suggestions.


All of this means that we are also very satisfied with the support and the regular enhancements. It is clear to us that we want to use Projektron BCS for as long as possible.

Inverso Gesellschaft für innovative Versicherungssoftware mbH

Sector: Finance and insurance
Customer since: 2009
User: 215

Most used functions:

Author: Dr. Markus Iwig, Managing Director
Status: 03/2024

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