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The demands our customers make on us as a service company are very high and are becoming increasingly complex. Projektron BCS supports us holistically in the efficient and transparent handling of our customer projects.

Efficient product data management with Goodson

Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH, based in Bregenz (Austria), is one of the leading manufacturers and implementation partners for product information management systems (PIM), e-business solutions and digital publishing concepts.

In addition to our own PIM software mediaSolution3 (www.mediaSolution3.com), we have made a name for ourselves as an implementation partner for Contentserv's enterprise solution. As an independent company, we have been providing product-neutral support to retailers and manufacturers from various industries in the field of product data communication since 2003.

In addition to the relevant technical aspects, our competencies also include the development of a suitable strategy that is necessary for the individually appropriate communication of product data.

"Digital" is our passion and we want to share this with our - currently 35 - customers. That is why we accompany our customers from the very beginning and provide intensive advice on the selection of the right system.

We also draw on our many years of experience and expertise during implementation - this is the only way to create a customised solution that also takes into account the future development of our customers. Afterwards, we form the constant backbone through continuous support and regular optimisations. In this way, our almost 20 employees are still "a part of it" even after the project has been completed. Our highly qualified experts support our customers with many years of experience and expertise in these processes.

Need for a flexible, web-based solution

As a software company, we advise and support our customers in the area of Product Information Management (PIM). Our services include customer consulting with regard to needs and goals, the implementation of the corresponding PIM solution, long-term customer care through support services and ongoing adaptations of the software for individual requirements. Individual projects can have a duration of three to twelve months. Several departments such as sales, business consulting, software development and system integration, controlling and support are involved in the projects.

Before using Projektron BCS, we worked with another project management software, but soon reached the limits of what was possible. Therefore, we were looking for a software that would support us in our project management in the best possible way, with which we could work across departments and which could be easily integrated into the existing structures.

Our parent company at the time was working with Projektron BCS and suggested the software to us. We found the fact that it was a web-based solution particularly attractive. The ability to retrieve projects at any time and from any place was a major concern for us. This is a great advantage, especially with regard to the efficient, remote work of our employees from the various departments.

Other requirements for the new project management tool were: User-friendly interface, flexibility, automated workflows and ongoing support from the provider.

In comprehensive training sessions, all employees involved were instructed in the product on site according to their field of activity. All existing data was then imported from the existing system into BCS. We decided to only take over active projects in order to achieve a "zero" status.

Professional handling of customer projects

Projektron BCS supports us in project planning, specifically the organisation, structuring and prioritisation of our projects. With BCS, we create our offers and can easily derive the invoices from them. Thanks to resource planning and holiday management, we always have an overview of which employees are available. This allows us to counteract bottlenecks in good time and guarantee our clients continuous project implementation.

The possibility to compare the effort plan with the order plan helps us to maintain an overview in order to handle projects in an economically profitable way. All relevant documents such as customer agreements, needs analyses and protocols are stored in BCS by our employees so that they can be accessed at any time.

The ticket system in Projektron BCS plays an important role in our daily work. Customer service is a top priority at Goodson. With the ticket system, we always have an overview of all customer enquiries. We can prioritise them if necessary, check service times and set up advance warning levels to keep the quality and speed of our support high at all times. Our customers benefit from the full transparency of the ticket system, as they can see the status of the tickets at any time. The communication flow to the customer is always given thanks to the ticket system. Another advantage are the detailed and helpful ticket evaluations with diagrams.

Significantly more effective and efficient with BCS

Projektron BCS is a comprehensive, cross-departmental tool for us to view the current project status, scheduling and project documentation at any time. In the "My overview" tab, everyone receives a daily update of all appointments, tickets and tasks.

Since the introduction of the project management software in 2019, we have been working much more effectively and efficiently - especially saving time - in the handling of projects and in all communication with our customers.

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