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The goal of our efforts was to implement efficient project controlling and to access the instruments for this from different locations. Thus, the decision for a web-based solution was made. The use of an ASP server from Projektron relieved us of the entire effort on the server side - an essential aspect for a small company. After several years of use, we can say that BCS has brought us a significant step forward.

apollis has been working since 1993 as a social and market research institute based in Bolzano, South Tyrol. The specialization of our institute lies less in the subject areas and questions of the investigations than in the research methods used, which all belong to empirical social research.

Primarily, we use standardized survey techniques such as telephone, personal and written interviews. If necessary, these are supplemented by literature studies, data research, secondary statistical evaluations or psychological tests.

Depending on the research question and the framework conditions of a study, we also work with qualitative methods, such as guided interviews, group discussions and workshops. Thematically, we succeed in adapting the methods of empirical social research to a wide variety of fields: to political and electoral research as well as to special questions of market research, to socio-economic issues or to questions of mobility behavior.

Controlling is a central task for apollis

Many research institutes can rely on basic funding. apollis lives exclusively from contract research, where each project requires a close look at expenses and times. Because we live exclusively from this classical project business, it is self-evident that efficient instruments are central for the economic existence, but also for the quality of the work.

With BCS we have found a powerful product for this purpose. Our experience with Projektron has led us to the conclusion that behind the software stands a reliable partner who will continue to offer his product tomorrow. BCS is already used at apollis in the quotation planning, of course all internal and external employees book their efforts. Since also all expenses on internal projects or current operational tasks as well as all material expenses are booked, we are able to get a continuous overview of the entire operating result in addition to the controlling of individual projects.

Efficient controlling is not only a question of instruments, but also of suitable processes: with powerful software behind you, however, it is also easier to do this.

Flexibility with BCS

A strength of BCS is the possibility to implement functions step by step. At apollis, we are also thinking about mapping further steps of our work in BCS, such as quality assurance in the context of certification. For example, we have recently started to use the ticket system. In addition, our newsletter is delivered to customers and interested parties via BCS - we do not need our own software for this.

For small companies in particular, it can be interesting to install BCS not on their own hardware, but on a rental server from Projektron, i.e. to buy a turnkey solution. We decided to go this route and are very satisfied with the performance and reliability. On the rental server or on our own hardware: At the moment, there is no doubt that we will continue to rely on BCS in the future.

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Helmuth Pörnbacher | Scientific Director | apollis OHG

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