Lignum Consulting GmbH

For other companies, Lignum Consulting identifies optimisation potential in value chains and helps to increase efficiency. In-house efficiency in project planning with Projektron BCS is also crucial. Lignum Consulting has been using the software for internal organisation and exchange on customer projects since 2015.

Projektron BCS in use

Lignum Consulting GmbH uses Projektron BCS for the following tasks:

  • Offer preparation
  • Document management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Project controlling
  • Project planning
  • Invoicing
  • Resource management
  • Expense management
  • Holiday management
  • Time recording
  • Personnel management
  • BCS app (expenses/time recording)


Lignum Consulting is a consulting company and engineering firm in the wood and furniture industry. In addition to the location in Kupferzell in Baden-Württemberg, there are branches in the USA, Canada and Brazil. In addition to management consulting, Lignum Consulting also offers product and industrial engineering as well as services in the areas of human resources, data integration, controlling and interim management.

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