Time recording terminals

From the attendance recorder directly into the project

Data from time recording terminals can be automatically transmitted to Projektron BCS using an import processor.

Interface performance

The import processor for time recording terminals offers the following options:

  • Export of personnel numbers and corresponding time stamps from the time recording terminals to a CSV file that can be imported to Projektron BCS
  • Calculation of breaks and attendance times based on come-and-go pairs from the time recording terminal
  • Optional: Automatic extension of break times if the statutory break times are not used in full
  • Automated import of the previously created CSV file and mapping of breaks and attendance times with Projektron BCS time recording

    Program information

    Time recording terminals record the coming and going of employees centrally, for example via chip cards. The Projektron BCS import processor for time recording terminals supports devices from the manufacturer ACTICON, among others.


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