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Leadec Automation & Engineering GmbH develops automation solutions for its customers. Our motto "Automation full of ideas" shows our claim to find the optimal combination of software development, process control technology, controllers, measurement technology and electrical engineering for our customers' projects. Projektron BCS covers our wide spectrum.

Automation for the complete life cycle

In 2022, AVI GmbH, Gesellschaft für Automatisierung in Verwaltung und Industrie, was integrated into Leadec Automation & Engineering GmbH with around 50 employees. Since the foundation of AVI GmbH in 1990, we have stood for automation solutions. Our claim is the optimal combination of software development, process control engineering, control systems, measurement technology and electrical engineering. We can offer automation for the complete life cycle of an industrial plant from one source. Our customers can be found in the following areas: process industry, metallurgy, power plant technology, waste utilization, energy supply, water and mining. In short, we serve a very broad spectrum.

Comprehensive tool sought

Due to cross-team and often tightly scheduled projects, we were looking for a comprehensive project planning tool that covers as many functions as possible and offers a lot of flexibility. Before BCS, we only had our own web-based system for commercial project management. As a ticket system we used Bugzilla. But as the number of employees increased, it became necessary to plan the efforts better in order to get a workload analysis. In 2011 I searched for this software among many other project management systems on the internet. The web-based approach, the good project planning features and the license model tipped the scales.

Smooth introduction

The introduction of Projektron BCS began with training for administrators to adapt the system to our specific needs. Then there were necessary data imports from other systems, a first project in BCS was planned, training by Projektron in our company and also our own employee training was carried out. Since then, BCS has been used across all our locations and by all our employees - managing director, team leader, project manager, engineer, secretary and student.

More transparency thanks to Projektron BCS

Since we started implementing our project work with BCS, project management is perceived differently in our team. Scheduling, hourly billing, task assignment and team allocation are just a few important functions that make working together more transparent. In the weekly project manager meeting, BCS has become the measure of all things. Certainly, there are also functions in BCS that are unfortunately not consistently used by our project managers or employees. To counteract this situation, we try to hold an internal workshop with special topics at regular intervals. This is a prerequisite to look at BCS again with a step distance after a certain time, to evaluate it and also to rediscover it.

Joy for more

Individual enhancements are also possible via own adjustments by the administrator or via commissioning a feature or via non-binding suggestions for future versions. We use all three possibilities and look forward to the continuous development of BCS.

Leadec Automation & Engineering GmbH

Industry: Software development
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Author: Mirko Wittek
Status: 08/2022

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