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User report from ETECTURE

ETECTURE is specialized in customized software solutions based on web technologies. We offer holistic project management - from consulting and conception to the development of technically sophisticated individual software and the integration of all internal company IT structures to operation and support. Projektron BCS is our project management software that helps us maintain the necessary overview.

We plan, model and realize software architectures and software applications, create technical and functional concepts, integrate content management systems as well as personalized sites and portal solutions (Internet, Intranet and Extranet). We do not see ourselves simply as programmers of IT applications. Rather, it is our desire to develop optimal customized software solutions for our customers.

One of ETECTURE's customers is ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH. It is a service provider for public libraries and libraries. ETECTURE developed the customized B2B system "ekz Medienservices", which comprehensively supports and simplifies the acquisition of media for libraries and libraries. The feature breadth and depth of the system, which our Karlsruhe software developers tailored precisely to the needs of ekz and its customers, makes it unique in the European library market and positions ekz in a pioneering role.

In projects like these, we can't afford any mistakes. But customers that we have won, we usually keep - and Projektron BCS also makes an important contribution to this.

With the stopwatch

That fits - that has system. That's what I can say about Projektron BCS. The project management software is easy to use and meets our requirements.

Relevant for our decision was that Projektron BCS is a web-based system: On the one hand, we are very familiar with this technology, and on the other hand, our employees are spread across three locations and some of them also work from home. All that is needed to use Projektron BCS is a browser and Internet access. In our work, we map our project plans with the system and use it to continuously record the relevant data.

The ease of use of Projektron BCS is a great help here. Time recording, for example, is perceived by many employees as unattractive work on which one does not want to spend a lot of time. In Projektron BCS, this is well solved: All the necessary information can be entered on one page, which is also very easy to access. The specific activity is selected in a tree structure, and comments can be entered right next to it. Bookings can thus be completed very quickly - and if you want to lose even less time, you can use a stopwatch function: This automatically records the duration of an activity. Only what has been done still has to be selected by hand.

Projektron BCS adapts to the working style

The ability to flexibly add comments to the project plan is just as helpful as the fact that an interface exists that allows data to be exported to Excel or Microsoft Project. Our employees don't have to follow the software when it comes to controlling, but have the option of using Projektron BCS in their preferred way: While one controls the project status via the recorded times for the individual activities, others work in a budget-oriented manner. Projektron BCS provides the necessary information for both ways quickly and clearly.


In order to keep track of everything important in a complex project environment like ours, a central tool like Projektron BCS is needed that makes all relevant data available in an uncomplicated and clear manner. After four years of use, we are very satisfied with our choice and would opt for Projektron BCS again at any time.


Industry: Software development
Customer since: 2004
Users: 162

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Author: Christian Schwab
Status: 10/2008

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