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EANTC user report

EANTC has been dealing with the question of how to test complex networks in a practical way since the early nineties. At the end of 1999, the European Advanced Networking Test Center was spun off from the Technical University of Berlin. EANTC tests large data networks for performance and stability. Projektron BCS ensures that the flow of information in project management is correct.

EANTC - Network Technology Competence Center

From the financial sector and Internet providers to the manufacturing industry: networks are central components of every company. They place high demands on reliability, performance and security. Even short outages can cause immense costs, and protection against attacks is a top priority. EANTC offers realistic testing services for companies, service providers and manufacturers of network components.

We also advise customers on network design and tendering. We test hardware and networks before commissioning, for example, to find errors and optimization potential or to simulate behavior under high load. Our customers include international manufacturers and Internet service providers and carriers as well as companies from the banking and insurance industries, the automotive industry and the transport / logistics sector.

Decided early for BCS

We came across the Projektron BCS project management software very early on - Projektron had just won the Multimedia 2001 start-up competition held by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. And so EANTC became one of the first companies to use Projektron BCS.

Because even in the beta stage, we liked the concept of Projektron BCS: The system does not lay its arms on every area of the company like an octopus, but can be easily integrated into existing structures. You don't have to align everything with the software, but can decide for yourself which areas you want to use and to what extent. We also liked the fact that Projektron BCS is web-based, which means that it is independent of the operating system and can therefore be used very flexibly.

Projektron BCS shows the workloads of the employees

Today, we use the Projektron software not only for our project planning and project controlling, but also to make information available to all employees in our company.

This concerns address and calendar functions for each employee as well as synchronization with the respective cell phone, or resource planning, for example. This is where Projektron BCS lets the gears mesh: For example, the effects of our employees' vacation and sick time on project processes can be seen at a glance with Projektron BCS - there is no need for manual reassignments with the errors and inaccuracies that inevitably result. In our work, Projektron BCS has clearly provided more transparency.

The fact that projects can be precisely tracked and analyzed in the software allows our employees to estimate more accurately, even in the planning phase, how much effort is associated with which components and which details require special attention. On our initiative, functional enhancements to Projektron were implemented that enable our sales staff to record and estimate projects as early as the acquisition phase and to derive sales planning from them.

An open ear for customers' wishes

We would also like to emphasize the good personal contact we have with those responsible at Projektron. In all the years of cooperation, we have always experienced our partner as a very professional company with competent employees who always have an open ear for special wishes and requirements. During this time, Projektron has developed from a small innovative software company into a company that is well established on the market - in our view, the reason for this is that the product and the cooperation are simply right.


Industry: IT infrastructure and hardware, telecommunications
Customer since: 2001
Users: 38

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Author: Gabriele Schrenk, Board of Management
Status: 05/2022

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