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Success story from dotSource GmbH

With the introduction of Projektron BCS in 2011, we were able to replace the heterogeneous system landscape in our company with an all-encompassing solution. From sales to project management to development - we at dotSource appreciate the diverse functions that the software offers. Not only do we benefit from Projektron BCS every day in our project work, but above all our customers.

dotSource – One of the leading digital agencies in the German-speaking region

dotSource has been developing and implementing scalable digital products for marketing, sales and services since 2006. In doing so, specialised consulting and development teams rely on a highly integrated combination of strategy consulting and technology selection - from branding, conception and UX design to conversion optimisation and operation in the cloud. Whether e-commerce and content platforms, customer relationship and product data management or digital marketing and business intelligence: dotSource solutions are user-oriented, targeted and data-centric. In collaboration, dotSource relies on New Work, integral planning and agile methods such as Scrum or Design Thinking. More than 500 digital natives see themselves as partners of their customers, whose individual requirements are incorporated from the very first idea. Companies such as ESPRIT, hessnatur, Ottobock, TEAG, KWS, BayWa, Axel Springer, C.H.Beck, Würth and Netto Digital trust this competence.

dotSource has established itself as one of the leading digital agencies in the German-speaking world and is now one of the top 10 most successful companies in the industry.

Search for software for more complex customer projects

dotSource implements diverse digital solutions and sophisticated software projects in the e-commerce sector. The customers' requirements are becoming more complex and with the increase in orders, the number of employees is also rising. This growth has resulted in the need for software that comprehensively supports the agency in the coordination of its processes.

The agency's project-based way of working played an important role in the selection of the project management software, because all client orders are handled as projects. The entire work organisation is based on this. Accordingly, operational processes and materials should be recorded in addition to project-related data. This enables the staff to quickly access all the information they need. The software should also enable accurate controlling and map empirical values on the basis of which resources can be precisely planned. This should also benefit the company in process optimisation and the planning of new operations.

Based on these diverse requirements, the choice fell on Projektron's Business Coordination Software (BCS). The main reasons were the good usability of the user interface and the numerous features that covered all of the required criteria.

Projektron BCS enables the redesign of processes

By using Projektron BCS, the previously used software could be saved and processes redesigned. In the daily workflow, the software coordinates holiday and appointment planning as well as data management. In addition to their working hours, all employees also enter project-related and operational expenses centrally.

Thanks to the customer relationship management functionalities, projects at dotSource can be handled via Projektron BCS from the creation of the offer to the realisation and customer support of an ongoing online shop.

As a new functionality, the company uses workflows in conjunction with checklists for service billing. For this purpose, the project managers load a standard template for a billing workflow with checklists into their project or sub-project to be billed and then fill it with all relevant data for billing, such as the billing basis, the performance period or additional information on the invoice recipients. The checklists serve as an overview and control of all tasks to be completed in the course of processing, for example, for checking and accepting bookings. If the workflow processor changes or questions arise, the person responsible for the workflow can be changed. Once the invoicing has been released by the responsible project manager, the workflow is assigned to the finance department via a status change, which stores the invoice in the system. Finally, the invoice is created in BCS and sent to the customer.

Equipped for corporate growth with Projektron BCS

Even during the introduction phase, the advantages of Projektron BCS have become noticeable in project work and in everyday work. dotSource GmbH wants to further deepen the use of Projektron BCS, the company feels well equipped for the next steps and further growth.

dotSource GmbH

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