Spirent Technologies

Since 2011, Projektron BCS has passed all tests at Spirent Technologies.

Projektron BCS in use

Spirent Technologies uses Projektron BCS for the following tasks:

  • Holiday management
  • Time recording


Spirent is the world's leading provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networking, cybersecurity and positioning. Their automated test and assurance solutions accelerate technology development in the lab and ensure that new products and services work in the real world. Every year, they ensure that the promises made to their customers by more than 1,500 customers worldwide are delivered in communications, transportation, government, defense, aerospace, financial services, healthcare, retail and more.

Janine Elsner
Authorized signatory

It's easy to find your way around, even the onboarding was easy to do, and our employees were able to quickly book their hours in the system.

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