Issues directly in the project

The JIRA interface enables you to integrate, evaluate and invoice JIRA data for your Projektron BCS project.

Monique Heim

Management assistant and project assistant, molpe Softwareentwicklungs GmbH

"Our customers have several cost centers that belong to the various projects. Thanks to the interface, we can easily link them to Projektron BCS in the Jira settings. If the synchronization does not work, e.g. because the If the cost center was changed, the reason for the synchronization message can be seen in the error message. This means that not much time has to be invested in troubleshooting."

Interface performance

The interface comprises a plug-in for JIRA, called Projektron BCS-Connector, and the JIRA SyncAdapter web service. It provides you with the following possibilities:

  • Bidirectional synchronization between JIRA issues and Projektron BCS tickets
  • Bidirectional synchronization between JIRA work logs and Projektron BCS time recording
  • Bidirectional synchronization between JIRA estimates and Projektron BCS resource management
  • Flexible mapping between the project structures using the JIRA-specific scripting language JQL

With your JIRA Server solution, you synchronize your data bidirectionally. With JIRA Cloud, your data is transferred unidirectionally from JIRA to BCS.

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