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In addition to CAD/CAE/PLM software products that WEST-RU Company had already been using for their business, two years ago they started working with the management software Projektron BCS as a tool for complex project management. The system is used only in one division of WEST-RU Group, but has already revealed a number of significant advantages: more effective control and resource planning, project management and a large range of result analyses. In the near future, WEST-RU Group plans to involve all divisions in Projektron BCS to establish a general system of interaction.

WEST-RU is an independent, privately held group of European engineering companies. Based on years of project experience with their European customers and partners, WEST-RU provides its customers with high-quality engineering services and manufacturing turn-key solutions. Its main activities are:

• Engineering services

WEST-RU is the largest Eastern European provider of classical body-in-white engineering services (design and simulation of spot-welding lines for automotive industry). It also supplies engineering services by method planning, die design, transportation systems and steel structures for brandname companies in automotive and other industries.

• Manufacturing systems

Planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and aftercare of production systems (turn-key solutions) for automotive and other industries. Selling, installation and maintenance of components of European industrial production systems manufacturers.

• IT-services

Customization of CAD/CAE/PLM software products to our clients’ requirements by writing applications, interfaces and macros. Development of specialized interfaces. Optimization of methods and processes. Support throughout the process chain from planning to implementation.

Motivations for seeking a project management tool and reasons why we have chosen Projektron BCS

The tools we previously used for project management and planning of resources and workloads were quite simple and easy, but with the growth of the company (headcount, services and competences) their functionalities were not sufficient. There was need for a new, radically different tool, a tool on another level, which could combine all the functions necessary for us. The system was required to cover the following functions: timesheet, capacity planning and workload control, project management and further efficiency analysis. After analyzing the market of project management tools the choice was made – Projektron BCS. This tool has another important advantage - the web interface and online operation of the system. So our staff can log in from anywhere in the world, they only need to have internet access.

At the moment, we are mainly using the following functions:

• Time recording

• Project management (project planning and project controlling)

• Resource management

The body-in-white unit of WESTRU has been the first unit that has started using Projektron BCS in its workflow. This has considerably increased the work efficiency and also has simplified the control of all working processes in the unit.

In the near future the remaining units will also be involved in working with Projektron BCS.

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