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A large hospital like the Nuremberg Hospital has a lot of contractual relationships. To keep track of what is going on, we use the contract management tool from Projektron BCS.

The Nuremberg Hospital processes around 90,000 out-patients and 93,000 in-patients per year with 5,600 staff and around 2,180 beds at its two locations in the north and south of the city. Since 2006 the three Nuremberg Land hospitals also belong to the Nuremberg Hospital. Given such a size, it comes as no surprise that there are a great number of contractual relationships, some of which are complex, that need to be managed. For example, relationships with suppliers and subsidiaries, also cooperation agreements with GPs, other hospitals and research organisations. In order to keep on top of things, the legal department began looking for software which could be used to manage contracts.

Choosing Projektron BCS

A recommendation from Klinikum München GmbH, who had already been using the contract management of Projektron BCS since 2006 and Projektron‘s presentation convinced both our legal department and the information processing department to go for the contract management functions offered by Projektron BCS. We were particularly impressed with its flexibility and easy customisation. After obtaining some alternative offers, it quickly became apparent that this was also the best choice financially.

Implementing Projektron BCS

Later on, in 2009, the information processing department began with (re-)documenting the maintenance- and care agreements managed by the department. Managing contracts in Projektron BCS promised us a way of keeping better track of incoming invoices, therefore making them easier to process, and generating a planning budget for the following year “at the click of a button“.

By the end of 2009 all of the contracts had been entered into Projektron BCS and were up-to-date. The complex report which calculates the planning budget on the basis of the contractual modalities in the system is now available after being fully tested, and will be used for the first time for determining the 2011 budget.

The automatic alerts indicating necessary extensions or termination dates, as well as quick accessibility to contractual modalities, the scanned contract documents also contact data of internal and external contact partners, has led to a significant simplification of the work on contracts and the DP hardware and software used to manage them.


Licence agreements are currently being entered into the system. The documentation of agreements via remote access, e.g. for remote maintenance or teleradiology, is about to be launched. Productive operation for the Hospital‘s purchasing department is also imminent. Other departments and our “Nuremberg General Hospitals” subsidiary have expressed interest in Projektron BCS. An additional project intends to show how Projektron BCS can be used to bill internal care services for software applications. Up to now we have been using an application developed in-house for this. However, it will be rendered surplus to requirements when all the data previously stored in it are already saved in the contracts maintained in Projektron BCS.

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