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Europäische Fachhochschule (EUFH) Brühl

At Europäische Fachhochschule Brühl, Projektron BCS helps turn basic scientific knowledge into the practical, specific application of project management.

Projektron BCS in use

Europäische Fachhochschule (EUFH) Brühl uses Projektron BCS for the following tasks:

  • In university and teaching


Prof. Dr. Carsten Suntrop is a lecturer at the European University of Applied Sciences Brühl (EUFH). In his project management lectures, he uses Projektron BCS as an application example. The students of the course of studies in Industrial Management are trained in Projektron BCS and conduct practical exercises in our web-based project management software.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Suntrop

Prof. Dr. Carsten Suntrop
Professor for Enterprise Development

The EUFH uses Projektron BCS in the lecture Project Management. Here, Projektron BCS helps to translate the scientific bases in a concrete application and learning results that are tangible to the students.

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